Posted by: Becka | January 28, 2014

A Cold Update

Well, once again, in spite of my best intentions, it’s been ages since I posted anything.   Like most of the country, it’s been really cold here lately.  We’ve also had quite a bit of snow (for us…seeing as last year we only got a total of 1.5 inches).  I was blessed with being able to go home early because of snow, and in the month of January, I’ve had two snow days and didn’t have to go to work!  The forecast is calling for more snow tonight.  I am praying that it leads to a snow day tomorrow, but I’m a bit afraid to get my hopes up.  :)

January 270

January 272

It was much to cold to go out on this day, and the snow didn’t stick to bushes or trees, so it wasn’t quite as pretty. :)

I love snow days!  One thing that I love about Delaware is their incapability of dealing with snow.  We get 3 inches, and businesses and schools close down.  We aren’t guaranteed 3 inches of snow every year, so some years, no snow days are awarded.  Then there was the winter of 2010 where the schools had at least 11 snow days.  Eleven!  After living in Wisconsin, I realize how terrible Delaware actually is about dealing with snowfall.  Honestly, I love it, though!  It snows, and you get to stay at home, all cozy and warm, with unexpected time on your hands.  Sometimes I try to use the time to be productive, but it’s so easy to be lazy on snow days.  :)

I did pray for at least two snow days this winter, and I got both of them!  I think I should have had a bit more faith and prayed for 5 or 10!  ;)

In other news, we are making slow progress (but progress, nonetheless) in re-organizing and de-cluttering our house.  You wouldn’t be able to see  any of this progress by walking into my house, but it’s there – I promise!  I’ve been going through basically everything I own the last few weeks and deciding what to keep.  I said good-bye to some of my books, a bunch of yarn, some clothes, some purses, and some scrapbooking equipment…so far.  I still have a ways to go, but the nursery is slowing getting cleared out.  Hopefully we’ll be able to start painting in there soon!  I can’t wait!

I’ve almost reached the end of my 2nd trimester, and it’s been pretty wonderful.  The baby is kicking stronger every day, and you are now able to see it kicking from the outside.  It’s quite a weird feeling/view.  :)  I’m starting to look more pregnant now, and strangers are starting to comment….most of them are afraid to say anything, but I’m not that big yet.  I’m sure the comments are coming.  :)  My belly is starting to get in the way of doing a few things, such as putting on snow boots.  Goodness.  It makes me happy that by the time I get really big, I won’t need the snow boots anymore (hopefully).  I have to sit on the floor to get them on, and then sometimes it’s a bit of a struggle to get back up again!  :)  Once they’re on..I make sure I’m done with all outside activity before removing them again.  lol  As a side note, I’m so happy that I have snow boots.  It’s helped this cold weather and icy parking lot thing go so much smoothly for me…besides getting them on, that is.

Now, you’re mostly updated!  Hopefully it won’t be as long before I post again.  One can only hope, since my track record isn’t exactly strong in that area.

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  1. I think that’s funny how Delaware doesn’t deal with snow well! Last night northern Florida got a little bit of snow and it shut down everything! Traffic, schools, everything! And I laughed! Growing up in idaho that kind of snow would have been nothing. But for Florida (where snow is foreign) they have no idea how to deal with it! :-) just comical to me. :-)

    So excited for your little bundle of joy on the way! I enjoy seeing pics of y’all and can’t wait to see pics of baby! Congrats!!!!!!! Praying for you and baby and a healthy/safe delivery. :-)

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