Posted by: Becka | January 29, 2009

What Happened to Mice that Like Cheese?

Speaking of cheesy….

So, to my knowledge, Mice’s favorite food is cheese or peanut butter.  Therefore, I must have very strange mice living at my house.  Yes, I have mice living at my house – not by invitation.  Matt set up those mice cubes to catch the mice humanely (actually, so he could feed them to the snake he had in his classroom), but the peanut butter and/or cheese did nothing to entice them into the traps.  In the month that we had those we only caught one mouse and that was only because Matt kinda forced him to go into the cube.  lol 

So, we resorted to actual mouse traps.  You know, the kind that break their poor little necks.  (mwuahahaha).  lol  Yeah, so umm.. we’ve caught two mice in the last month.  But still, my onion bagels (I don’t like onion bagels, I bought them by accident and when I realized the mice liked them, left them there in hopes they would get caught in the trap close by), and cough drops continue to disappear!  None of the peanut butter or cheese is eaten, only my cough drops!  Those little mices must have eaten 20 or more cough drops!  Right out of my bathroom drawer!  They have a preference for Ricola, but obviously do not like Halls because only the Ricola ones are eaten.  The rest don’t even have a little hole chewed in them (the Ricola bag was destroyed).  I don’t know what is up with these mice, but maybe I’ll have to bait the traps with cough drops…..or onion bagels.  lol



  1. lol you are funny! I love you!

  2. Maybe your poor mouse has a cold. Or, Beck, maybe it’s not a mouse. 😉

    • lol It IS a mouse. I don’t want to be gross, but I can tell. lol Plus, I have seen 5 mice in my house with my own eyes. Of course, a couple of them could be repeats. He probably is sick. lol

  3. Gotta love moments that bring out the evil laughter in you!

    • lol I guess one of our mice likes peanut butter! We caught one this morning! Yay!

  4. reading this story kinda gave me chills bc in ny we had ‘mice’ in our walls and it just scared me bc i heard them running at night! aahhh. then stephen said he actually saw one in our room. there was no escaping them but i didnt want to kill them have to clean them so i decided to move to ca where mice do not exist! lol

    • lol I’m sorry. The killing them so far hasn’t left any mess. NO blood. (Eww). Matt just throws the whole trap out. We haven’t had any mice in a week or so, so maybe they are gone? That would be nice. lol I can’t hear them at night – that’s nice. I saw a couple of them in our living room, and one in the kitchen, but none in my bedroom. I can handle that. 🙂

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