Posted by: Becka | February 27, 2009

Funny Things at the Library – Part 2

1.  A little girl that comes to our storytime told my coworker that she had a present for her.  When my coworker opened the present (wrapped in notebook paper), it was a little plastic french fry!  lol  It was so funny and cute!  lol

2.  A kid from my husband’s class (in the Christian school) was in after school with a bunch of friends and I walked by and he says, “Hi, Becka!”  I said hey, and another jr. higher (who I didn’t know) says, “Hi, Becka!.  I said hi and then he asks the kid (i’ll call him Bryan) did you used to date her?  So I laughingly say, “yeah, about two years ago!”  and Bryan is just sitting there grinning and then he says, “no, she’s like 30!”  ” I am not 30!” I said.  Then his friends says, “probably 25.”  I told him he was right and then I mentioned that my husband was Bryan’s teacher.  The kid that asked if we dated goes, “oh… you’re married”  in a really disappointed voice. So, i said, “Yep, sorry to burst your bubble!”  Then I guess they either got embarrassed, or just were ready to leave because almost immediately they got up and left the library.  Cracked me up! 🙂

3.  My coworker was on the phone making overdue notice calls and she said that a little boy answered the phone and didn’t even say anything and then she hears, “Mommy!  The phone needs you!”  lol

4.  I generally will give out stickers to the kids when I am working at the checkout desk.  Maddie came up to me and said, “I don’t have anymore stickers at home.”  lol  I, of course, gave her a sticker.

5.  My coworker found a really old library book.  Inside it said that the first fiction book you checked out was free, but each additional fiction book was $0.05 a week.  lol  It also said, “no limit on non-fiction books.”  Too funny.



  1. You guys have to physically call all your overdues? Wow, that would totally stink! Can you imagine having to do that at GPL? lol, that’s all we would be doing all day! And talk about a real downer day, having to deal with all those unhappy people!

    Did I tell you about the one weird patron I got here at APU while on reference? She was out there…kept rambling on, and then at one point she says, “Man, I wonder where this canker sore is?” As she is messing with her mouth. And I am thinking “TMI!!” lol

    • Yep. We have to call overdues and holds. To put it in perspective though, we don’t have nearly as many as GPL would! It takes a little less than an hour to call all the holds and about the same for overdues. It’s not too bad! lol And I have never done the overdues, but the holds is happy people! 🙂 lol

      lol and gross about that lady. 🙂

  2. I love your stories! Looking forward to more! Love you! 🙂

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