Posted by: Becka | March 3, 2009

Snow Day!

 It snowed!!!!  It rained all day Sunday and was turning into freezing rain when Matt and I left for choir practice.  Sometime before church started, it turned into snow.  There were only 12 people at church besides the choir members!  Lol  Pastor was really preaching to the choir.  By the time we got out of church, there were about two inches of snow on the ground.  The roads were a little “slickery” (as Matt put it).  We had a blast though!  We had driven the Jeep to church, so after church we went out to eat at McDonald’s and then took the back roads home just so we could drive on the unplowed roads.   It was so much fun!  At times, you couldn’t even see the road.  If a person weren’t familiar with the roads, they could have easily driven in a field and not even known it!  We passed this sign that was completely covered in snow and Matt says, “Wonder what that sign says….Bridge out?….Bummer!” (this might lose something in the translation).  When we turned on to the main road, we saw a truck being pulled out of a ditch because the roads were so slickery.  That, however, did not deter our trusty Jeep. 





Overnight, it snowed a total of 10 inches (maybe more). It was really windy as well, so that made the snow deeper in some places. All the schools in Delaware were cancelled for today and the library was closed as well. Yay! Snow day! So, Matt and I spent a good hour playing out in the snow yesterday morning. We trudged around our property taking pics, making snow angels, and attempting to have a snowball fight. The snow was so soft and powdery that it didn’t make for good snowballs or snowmen. Because of the wind, there were times that the snow was up to my knees! Now, I know that for some of you, this kind of a snowfall is nothing, but to put it in perspective, the most snow we got this entire winter (all snowfalls combined) was two inches. That is a normal Delaware winter (as far as I know. I am told this is normal, but this is only my second winter here). Things even get cancelled in those conditions. Lol Therefore, getting a foot of snow overnight is a big deal! 🙂 After wandering around in the snow and getting good and wet, we changed our clothes and hopped into the Jeep and proceeded to go four-wheeling in the field next to our house. So much fun! I even drove for part of the time and it was totally cool. Although, doing donuts in a field isn’t as easy as doing them in a parking lot. Lol It was more fun though.


The snow was really deep in some places!



My first snow angel probably since I was a kid.



Most of the roads were much worse than this!

Most of the roads were much worse than this!


So, even though I was definitely ready for Spring and had Spring Fever, having the snow doesn’t even bother me. After all, I got a free day off work for it (with pay) and who can complain about that? The roads are still really bad today. The schools were cancelled again It got down to 11 degrees or so last night, so the roads are covered in big chunks of ice. I am just happy that I got my one snow day. Spring can come now. Maybe next winter the snow will come at a more reasonable time, but as long as winter isn’t 9 months long, like some places I know (cough..Wisconsin..cough), then hey, let it snow in March. The end of March normally has great weather anyways. 🙂 So, now I am at work and sad since a lot of other libraries are closed – not ours! We might close early though, so that would be cool.

As a side note, Saturday night, I gave Matt and myself haircuts. I’ve been cutting Matt’s hair since we got married, but I had never cut my own hair. So, I followed directions that I copied from a book and gave myself a trim. It turned out really well! I was really excited. I just saved myself tons of money. 🙂



  1. lol Beck, if you are spending tons of money when you get your hair trimmed, you are going to the wrong salon! 🙂

    It’s been so warm out here right lately! 80s at least…It’s beautiful!! I am going to BBQ today (I should write a review for Jay huh? 🙂 )and I am wearing sandals… I am so ready for summer and summer clothes!! 🙂

  2. Did I hear someone mention BBQ (yes, Jen I expect pics and a review)? Becka, you would so be the man if you BBQ’d with all that snow around!

    Oh, and the weather is so beautiful, I’m actually only wearing one shoe!

    • Jen – any money saved is a ton of money. Every dollar counts! 🙂 And I actually haven’t even gone to get my hair trimmed since I was in CA and I paid Brenna to do it for me! lol I was just uber excited that I could do it myself!

      Jay – I don’t exactly aspire to be “the man.” And I’m not planning to BBQ, but it is an interesting idea. (lol about the one shoe comment).

      I am enjoying the snow only because we haven’t had any yet. 🙂 Although I am looking forward to pulling out the summer clothes! Of course, Spring is better because the humidity isn’t as much – well, actually, it does rain a lot, but it’s not scorching hot like the summer. 🙂

  3. Yay! I get to go home from work two hours early!!! 🙂

  4. I remember those cold snow days!!!! Except it lasted for months in Utah, and then the snow wasn’t as fun anymore! yuk!:) We went jeeping with John’s dad in December when we were there. He just bought a jeep, so we drove on all these trails that were covered with snow. It was loads of fun!:)

  5. Sounds like a fun snow day! Ours is mostly gone here, though we may get more later in the week.

  6. I am glad you have had a great start to your week!

    It is true that it is really nice here! It rained yesterday afternoon and was beautiful and sunny today! I was wearing flip-flops and you know that is a big deal with my “purple” toes! 🙂

    Love you!

  7. Lisa – I bet you guys will get more snow since I remember both years in Wisconsin it snowed on my birthday!! 😦 I was so bummed about that!

    Do you have layers Beck? (I can’t remember if you grew them out or not) Well, that’s cool. I only ever cut bangs. A few months ago I felt like having bangs, so I cut some and then when I went to actually get my hair cut I sheepishly admitted it to my hairdresser and she was like “I was wondering…I didn’t remember ever cutting layers that short.”
    I’m saving every penny too right now, it’s no fun! 😦 I just found out that my tax guy only saved me $300. And then of course I have to pay him, so it’s even less than that. Sadness!

    • Miriam – Yeah “jeeping” was totally fun. I really enjoyed the driving part of it. It is supposed to be getting warmer by the end of this week – almost 60 degrees! So, the cold and snow won’t last long once it decides to warm up a little.

      Lisa – I don’t even want to think about how much snow you have had in comparison to here! We would not do well with that much snow. We got 10 inches and some really cold weather and as a result, school (work for Matt) has been cancelled for three days! lol I think that those of you in Wisconsin would crack up laughing at missing school for a mere ten inches. 🙂

      Renae – yeah, that is a big deal – the whole flip flop thing. 🙂

      Jen – I didn’t really do layers (though I think I could if I wanted). But my hair does curve nicely – a little shorter on the sides and longer in the middle. It was pretty cool. Not just a straight line across. 🙂 Sorry about the taxes. We are trying to pay as much as possible on our house, so therefore – not many extras right now. Of course, last month we bought a washer and dryer, chainsaw, and camera! lol So, this month especially we are trying not to spend any extra money (well except on a little paint to fix up one of the rooms). 🙂

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