Posted by: Becka | March 9, 2009

An Auction, a Play, and a Basketball Game

Saturday was a gorgeous day. It was about 80 degrees and sunny. Loved it!  In the morning, Matt and I attended an auction.  When we arrived, the road was lined with pickup trucks and the line seemed to never end!  We got our bidding number (we were 189 and the auction hadn’t even started yet) and headed out to puruse the merchandise.  It was fun looking at all the old junk that had been collected on this farm for years and years.  I also enjoy listening to the auctioneers (I have no idea how they can talk so fast).  As the morning progressed, Matt and I found out that the specific item we wanted to bid on was misadvertised.  We wanted to bid on the soapstone wood stove that was advertised in the Guide (like a huge classified booklet), but the stove was actually a gas stove.  Not what we wanted.  So, Matt bid on a couple of other things and we didn’t go home empty handed (of course, I don’t really know what he is going to do with the block and tackle he bought – lol). 
We were almost to the end of the pickup line.
We were almost to the end of the pickup line.
Matt perusing the junk

Matt perusing the junk


We had a quick lunch and then headed off to see “Beauty and the Beast” performed by the Milford High School.  One of the girls in our youth group was involved and so we wanted to go see her.  Also, another girl who had come to a couple of our activities had a big part, so we wanted to support her as well.  The play was cute and funny and we really enjoyed it.  Some of the acting left a little to be desired as well as some of the singing and the orchestra didn’t sound very well prepared either, but it was still fun and some of those things made it more humorous.

Saturday night was the annual “Basketball team against the men of the church” game.  There was also a girls/ladies’ game, but we didn’t show up until the beginning of the third quarter.  The ladies won by one point.  The men’s game was good and fun to watch.  Matt got to play for most of it.  The men ended up losing by 2 points.  All our activities made for a fun day! 🙂



  1. lol, I think auctions are funny. Of course the only one I have ever “seen” was in Phantom. lol 🙂 I mean, that stuff in your picture looks like stuff that should be at a junkyard, not stuff that people should be wanting to buy!

    • Oh believe, me. People want to buy. lol What happens is the auctioneer gets so low and no one has bid yet, so they throw something else in…then the person bids on whatever they want and ends up with an extra box of junk! lol Most people leave it there and when the auction is over, you can take anything laying around. We didn’t do this, of course. Whatever is left, the auction people toss in the trash unless they think they can auction it somewhere else.

      It was really funny, but they were auctioning an air compressor and the helper takes it out of the box to show everyone how “new” it is and the auctioneer says, “Brand new! Still in the box!” I was thinking…”It’s not in the box now!” lol

  2. Ha ha, ‘member all the stuff that A decorated our apartment with? That was stuff left over from the auction of his gfather’s estate. lol, although most of that stuff wasn’t “junk,” just really random stuff…

    • lol That is exactly the kind of stuff that was there! lol It was an estate sale. That was so funny. He did have some pretty random stuff. lol

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