Posted by: Becka | March 11, 2009

I Love My Job!

My job is so fun. My normal duties include, but are not limited to: getting crafts ready for storytime, helping with storytime (and playing with the kids during said storytime), changing bulletin boards (and creating the new one), scrapbooking (the old and current library pics), taking pictures of any and all library events, etc. It is the coolest job. I do have some more boring responsibilities like checking books in and out and stuff like that, but the fun stuff takes up the majority of my time. πŸ™‚
Isn't she adorable?

Isn't she adorable?

Today in storytime we made “kites” out of paper plates. It was so fun and afterward we went outside to fly our “kites.” This involved running around and screaming because you were about to be caught in tag. Really can’t beat getting paid to do that. lol

Some of the girls taking a break from flying their "kites." (They got distracted by the flowers)

Some of the girls taking a break from flying their "kites." (They got distracted by the flowers)

Since I am responsible for taking the library pictures, I have gotten better at photography. Now, I am no James Burrow, but I enjoy it! I don’t always capture the picture that I want (due to camera delays and moving children), but it is still a blast. On top of all this wonderful fun that I have at work, I get 15 paid vacation days per year (and sick time)! Plus benefits. The Lord is so good in supplying this job for me.Β  Thank the Lord for my job!

Please pray for me since it is a “government” job (working for the county), and our county is struggling with debts and trying to cut budgets and the like. Pray that my job stays consistent and that I don’t lose it. I’m not worried about that yet, but there has been talk of cutting hours.Β  Which is definitely better than being unemployed, but not ideal.



  1. I am glad you like your job! I get to play with kids on the playground all morning! πŸ™‚ Your pics are adorable!

  2. You might’ve turned into more of a James Burrow-type photographer if you took a bajillion pictures of cute guys at camps and retreats!

    • lol Yeah, but Jay, I was WAY more subtle. So that wouldn’t of worked. Besides, James has a better camera (always has since I’ve known him). I took pics of “activities” and tried to get the cute guy in the background. lol A couple time I took pics for friends, but I was pretty shy when it came to cute guys. πŸ™‚

  3. lol, ‘member when I took that pic of like 8 Bethel guys after a bball game for a friend who will remain nameless? lol, that was embarrassing. I am surprised that I actually did it.

    Isn’t it nice to have a great job? I love the Saturdays where I get paid to sit and blog (well, that’s what it amounts too). πŸ™‚ I get bored of it after a while so I always bring a book to read. Yep, I think libraries are a pretty sweet deal! They pay pretty good too!

    • I remember the “Bethel” expreience. And for others reading this, I am not the nameless friend. lol

      Yeah, I have enjoyed every library I’ve worked at. So far, this one is the most fun though!

  4. Wait a minute, you’ve got to tell me more about this Bethel thingy!

    • lol…ummm… not my place. lol πŸ™‚

  5. And to quote becka “I remember the β€œBethel” expreience. And for others reading this, I am not the nameless friend. lol”

    beck-“activities” to funny but then the ‘guy’ is like a cm tall! haha. but i get you…its a good thing you had a friend like jenny who walk up to 8 guys and oops…wrong friend!

    jen-do you remember the song? lol. haha

    jay-do you really want to walk down that road…haha – fun times. ask jenny.

    • lol Zaz and Jay. And Zaz… wrong guy. This was before my short guy. This was in HS. But, yeah. I was SMOOOOOOTH. lol Maybe.

  6. Well, right now I’ll hobble down that road…

  7. lol, yeah Zaz, I remember. I still think of it when we sing that song in the youth group. lol.
    ‘Member bagel bites?
    Nope, my lips are sealed about who the pic was for. lol. C’mon though, I thought it would be obvious. Maybe not. Ha ha, all the LBC girls liked Bethel guys though!

  8. jay-hobble? lol. well then i’ll rephrase my question – do you really want to hobble down that road? lol. jk

    jen-i figured you would remember the song, but it just popped into my head when i read this. about the girl, it may be obvious in my head, but i dont want to ‘guess the girl’ and its the wrong one! lol. i thought it was becka but she denied it right off the bat! haha. man, we had some many inside jokes cause of them. bagel bites, the song, etc tis true (girls like the guys), i think even if they didn’t want to admit it. but then there were those few who were like ‘ewww’ hahaha. whatever.

    • lol I think I might know what song your are talking about – not too sure though. Totally remember the bagel bites. Too funny! Zaz, you thought it was me??? lol That’s even funnier. Well, I won’t spill the beans, but if you think about it long enough the answer will probably appear to you! lol

  9. Whoa, this is sounding as inside as … hands!

  10. Ha ha, I still can’t believe that Brenna told you. We were all like “what?” We felt so betrayed. lol. And embarrassed. πŸ™‚ lol, that missions trip to Greeley Hills…and you guys kept trying to figure out what it was…
    See…I still think we need an alum blog. We just keep taking over each others’ blogs…

    • lol Yeah, that was embarrassing. But that Greeley Hills trip was fun and funny! That fence was sooooo long!

  11. Brenna didn’t tell. She confirmed. Us guys actually knew what it was pretty early on in your inside joke. We just tried to gross you girls out with our antics!

    • Well…. nice try then. You didn’t really gross us out. We were too busy laughing at you!

  12. Yes, we did! We were pretending that hands was a code word for … uh … posterior.

    • Yes, I remember, but at least to me, it was just really funny! lol I don’t remember being grossed out, but then, it could be a repressed memory! lol

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