Posted by: Becka | March 16, 2009


Well, the last few days of my life have been really busy.  At work, we started planning for Summer Reading Program.  This had made me extra busy since I am the Children’s Librarian Assistant, but also because our Summer Reading Program Budget was almost eliminated.  This means, we have to do our own programs instead of having presenters come and do a program for us.  Good thing the theme is “Be Creative @ Your Library!”  Made us have to be really creative in coming up with programs.  So, I have spent all of my working hours coming up with ideas for programs, searching the internet for crafts, and planning the summer reading program procedures.  It has been rather fun and it looks pretty promising, so we’re hoping for success!

Also, I found out Wednesday night that Matt and I were having overnight guests on Friday night.  This caused a flurry of cleaning and shopping to be ready for it.   Our friends, Tim and Shannon, were passing through the area and so they stopped at our house.  We had a really enjoyable time catching up and talking. 

Saturday afternoon, Matt and I attended a wedding.  Amanda and Andy (sister in-law and husband), were in town for the wedding, so we got to hang out with them a little bit. 

Sunday was so dreary and sad feeling.  It was really overcast and rainy all day.  It was a cold rain too, so it was 40 degrees.  Brrr.  I am ready for spring.  Which reminds me!  I have a bajillion daffodils growing in my yard and I am so excited because I LOVE daffodils!  (and I have at least hundreds of them if not a bajillion).  Yay!  I am going to pick some soon to brighten my house with.  Totally awesome.



  1. I love daffodils also! I think it is because it is dad’s favorite flower! I have been home all day today with a really bad headache around my eyes! I am feeling a little better! I literally slept all day until James got home! It has lessened to a dull thud so I am sitting on the couch right now! love you

  2. Yea, the flowers look pretty.
    Renae, is it allergies? Because I feel the same way today! I came home early from work because of it. I thought I was getting sick the other day, but now I wonder if it’s allergies (something that I never had till recently)

  3. Yes it is most likely allergies! I haven’t been outside today but my eyes are watering and my nose is running and my throat is itchy! I am pretty sure it is a sinus headache because it is mostly around my eyes!
    You could very well have allergies! Sometimes they don’t show up right away or you only get them during certain seasons! Mine change with the weather! If you don’t have them really bad I would suggest taking Claritan D on the days you feel really congested. If you get them during acertain season I would suggest taking Claritan D everyday during that time! That is just my personal suggestions I am not a dr. 🙂

    • You’re not a doctor, Renae? I didn’t know that! lol 🙂
      I love Spring and all the pretty flowers and how everything gets green again. It is raining again today, which means more green soon to be here!
      I hate allergies. I had them pretty bad last summer. Since we moved, it might help since we are not on a farm anymore. We’ll see! At least I found an allergy medicine that works pretty good and is a lot cheaper than Claritin (I think I got immune to that one).

  4. I’m mad at Wisconsin right now bc that’s what gave me allergies! And the Dr. said once you get them you will probably always have them. And I guess he was right. Man, life was so nice before this! Oh well.

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