Posted by: Becka | March 19, 2009

A Child’s Paradise – Part 1



Inspiration of this post credited to Jen.

Vaden/ Calvary Baptist Church

Vaden/ Calvary Baptist Church

Jen’s post brought back so many memories!  It was a wonderful feeling.  I could almost feel the warm California sun on my skin.  Of course, I was sitting next to a window, but still!  Growing up on the PC campus was one of the greatest privileges I’ve had.  It was perfect!  There were countless things to do, most of which involved the great outdoors.  It was a humongous playground with little to no adult supervision.  Of course, there was indirect supervision as we would encounter various college students and staff members along the way. 

The reminder of the sour flowers brought back the memories of my adventerous culinary pursuits.  Besides the sour flowers (I found out yesterday that if you eat to much it could be poisonous), I enjoyed such delights as honeysuckle, tea flavored bark (well, it was really the inside of the branches), some kind of plums, and the “licorice bush” (which was, no joke, a bush behind Vaden that smelled and tasted exactly like black licorice!), and those weird red flowering trees that tasted like honey, not to mention as many oranges and lemons my tastebuds could desire!  It amazes me at how adventurous I was and how I taste tested plants (those awful orange and yellow flowers that grew outside the Admin building tasted detestable!).

Red flowering trees that I would eat the nectar from - Bottlebrush bushes.

Red flowering trees that I would eat the nectar from - Bottlebrush bushes.


On top of my culinary pursuits, I enjoyed many outdoorsy pursuits.  Lizzy taught me how to be really good at tree climbing.  I think I must’ve climbed every main tree on campus.  One time we were caught high in a tree on the bombsite (Lizzy had to help me up because I couldn’t jump high enough to catch the branches) and Dr. Howse yelled at us and told us we couldn’t climb trees.  Looking back, he was probably worried about liability, but then we thought he was a mean man and after all, he didn’t own the trees, so what right did he have to tell us we couldn’t climb them?  He was also very upset when he caught Lizzy and I nailing boards into the tree right outside of the library.  We just wanted a nice place to sit and watch the college students, he thought we were destroying the tree (well, actually, it was probably the same liability issue).  We did have a couple seats nailed into the tree across from the guard shack that I don’t think Dr. Howse ever knew about. 🙂  My favorite tree to climb was the tree that was across from Vaden and next to the rock house.  Definitely the best one! 🙂  I could get soooo high!

Tree by the library that we put "seats" in.

Tree by the library that we put "seats" in.

I also enjoyed exploring, fort building, hiking, and rope swinging.  The exploring part taught me what poison oak looks like, where to watch for snakes, and all in all to enjoy hiking.  There were many places on that campus (or maybe not on the campus) that were ideal for hiking and exploring.  One time, myself and some other kids (I don’t remember exactly who, but I want to say the Shwanke kids), went through the canyon all the way behind Baskin dorm and down around the Point.  Ahhh, the Point.  I have some bittersweet memories of that place.  Jen, remember when we sat there waiting for the bus to come home from camp and we were all sad because I was maybe going to move away?  So sad.  But there are also the times that I daringly hiked down the hill aways.  The hike back up was a killer.  Oh, and remember Jay, when you and Brenna used to live there?  That was so fun having you live so close to me!  🙂  I loved the view from the Point as well.  So beautiful at sunset!

The rope swing that Lizzy put up was the best there ever was!  I think the first one even had a metal bar to sit on.  Lizzy would pull me up the hill so I was almost parallel to the ground and let go!  I would feel as if I were flying!  Awesome.  Then Dr. Howse had someone take it down and the next one she put up was pretty good too, but not quite as amazing as the first.  It had a loop for your foot, which sometimes proved to be dangerous when you tried to hop off and your foot got stuck and you ended halfway down to the creek.  Not so fun then, but definitely worth it for the swing.  I remember one time I was so mad because all the older kids at CBA went down the missionary trail and were swinging on MY swing!  lol  I guess I felt like I owned everthing on campus.  🙂

All the memories!  They just keep coming!  This is going to end up being a series!  🙂



  1. Beck, I think the tree with red flowers that you are talking about are the bottlebrush trees/bushes (I think they are supposed to be bushes, but you can prune into small trees). I love those things!! They were the coolest flowers! 🙂 lol, ‘member that one day Timmy came home with ALL those quarters…lol 🙂 And all the sleepovers we had up there…I remember when we lived in Uncle Charlie and the Talley’s? I think it was, lived in Aunt Nell and our lightswitch to our hallway controlled theirs too (and vice versa) so as kids, whenever they would turn the hall light off, we would turn it back on. Evil. lol. I think they got mad at us. Naturally.
    I loved how everything on campus had a name. The Point. Judson (burned down). Billington. Vaden. P1. Admin. The Bombsite. The Print Shop. But did the old youth room have a name? Sigh. I miss it. I’m glad there are lots of other people who remember it just like I do, so we can all reminisce 🙂

    • lol Yeah, way too many memories, that’s why this is going to be a “series!” lol Tim and ALL those quarters. lol! And the Talley’s would get really mad at that light switch thing.

      You’re probably right about the trees/bushes, but I didn’t take the time to look up what they really were. I have some really cool pics at home too that I might put in this post.

  2. The plums you keep referring to were actually cherries! and yes Beck, we did hike from behind Baskin to the point! Jen, The Talley’s lived in the building closest to Vaden! I think you are thinking of Smith, which was the one next to Aunt Nell. Teh Boyers and Sikele’s lived there for a while! The Lee’s lived by the Talley’s and the Lattin’s lived up the hill by Print Shop! The old youth building was P1! Wow to many memories! My turn to write a blog! 🙂

  3. Yeah, but after the Lee’s – the Dunlop’s lived next to the Talley’s.

  4. No, P1 was the Junior Church and Jr. High (after Judson) building. The Youth room was across the way and closer to Billington.
    Yeah, we lived in Uncle Charlie. Closest to Vaden. Talleys were next door in Aunt Nell.

  5. Then which building up there was the print shop! The Jr. Church and Jr. High building was the Print Shop and the other building was P1! Aunt Nell was one of the girl’s dorms! the whole building where you lived was Uncle Charlie! 🙂

  6. Okay, lemme fix all this (or we can just ask Bro. Wilson). Aunt Nell was a big two story building next to the library used as a girls’ dorm. The Talleys did not live there. Unless they lived there before I came to school. P1 was Jr. Church/Jr. High. The print shop was just a wreck right next door to P1. Right? The youth room was just always called the youth room.

    The point was cool! What a wonderful place for me and Brenna to start our lives together… with Timmy riding his bike down there twice a day!

    • Thanks, Jay for clarifying that, now I don’t have to. The Print shop was the one that was destroyed that we would ride the bus around. You were correct on all the other buildings.. This cracks me up because Renae is really good with names of people, but obviously not with buildings. lol Love you, Nae. 🙂 I think that the Talley’s had the same name: Uncle Charlie’s. I don’t remember the name of the other housing – wait, must’ve been Smith. Or the Dunlop’s were in Smith and the other was Uncle Charlie. Now, I’m confused. lol

      I LOVED the Point. And yeah, can’t beat starting your life with Brenna and having Tim riding in everyday! lol Too funny. Still can’t get rid of him! 🙂

  7. lol, I was pretty sure Aunt Nell was next to us. But okay, whatever. I was 10 when we lived there…not that it was that long ago. 🙂 But I know we lived in Uncle Charlie.

  8. Don’t forget the fort behind our house, down the trail. I was so mortified at the dead possum you girls and Lizzie found under the floor boards that you dug out and disposed of by throwing down the hill! The whole place reeked so badly!

    I am still convinced that God miraculously protected you all from poison oak – it’s unbelievable that none of you got it!

  9. lol Mom and Dad, I talked about the possum in the very next post. 🙂 Yeah, it really smelled, which is why, Jay, that we took it so far from the playhouse! 🙂 lol

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