Posted by: Becka | April 6, 2009

A Busy, Wonderful Weekend


Wow, what a weekend!  I had a blast!  Saturday was a youth rally and though the people running it were not “stellar,” the teens seemed to enjoy it.  There were over a hundred teens there and our teens had so much fun.  We took 14 teens in all.  Caleb won the lemon eating contest (which, unfortunately, they have every year), Michelle won the soda chugging contest, Matt H. also participated in the soda chugging and won the burping portion with this ear splitting loud belch.  It was pretty amazing.  Michelle, who has a tendency to trip over her own feet, vowed that she was not going to trip at this youth rally.  Of course, we all laughed at her and wished her good luck.  And wouldn’t you know it?  Within the first hour, she got knocked over by this rather large kid and in front of the entire auditorium landed on the floor about a foot from him!  I think the teens in the audience were a little shocked.  Michelle was standing still and this kid wasn’t watching and comes running up and rams into her to occupy the place that she was in!  lol  Most of the teens didn’t know whether to laugh or look on in shock.  Of course, Michelle was laughing her head off.  lol  So, we told Michelle that this fall didn’t count as her tripping since she obviously had help.  Yeah, only here’s the problem.  Her and Caleb were playing bus volleyball with their team (the red team) and Michelle kinda tripped over her own feet and hit her head on the pavement.  Caleb, who was looking up at the ball, tripped over Michelle and rammed his head into the side of the bus.  The collision was so strong that Matt, who was on the other side of the bus with the blue team, saw the bus shake and thought that the guys were goofing around.  That is, until Amber looks under the bus and says, laughingly, “It’s Michelle!”  Michelle and Caleb had to sit out for a while.  So much for Michelle’s “not tripping.”  lol


Caleb and Michelle reenacting the incident.  lol

Caleb and Michelle reenacting the incident. lol

Then Kevin was amazing at the hippity hops (see pic if you have no earthly clue what I am talking about).  He was so fast and bounced extremely high.  lol  It was hilarious!  Overall, we had an awesome time at the G-town (Georgetown) Youth Rally.  For more pictures from the youth rally, click here.

Go, Kevin!

Go, Kevin!

On Sunday, the visit from the LBA gang (including my dad) was so much fun!  The group arrived a little  after 5pm (church is at 6:30pm) and so we all got to hang out for a short time at my house.  Matt and the boys had fun hanging out and doing a little bit of exploring.  They went out and inspected our pond.  They were amazed at the deer tracks that Matt showed them.  And they thought the woods behind our house would make a great paintball field.  It would, but not to buy the land and charge people to come play paintball because people in the country don’t go to paintball places.  They go to their own woods or the woods behind a friend’s house.  lol  No one would pay to come to our woods.  🙂  Then they all came in and had some snacks and Tommy liked my jello concoction so much that he was trying to invite himself back to our house after church so he could have some more.  lol  Then he told me to freeze it so he could have it later.  Umm…not sure when later would have been, but whatever.  I guess it didn’t occur to him that I could just make more “later.”


Tommy enjoying my "Jello Delight."  :)

Tommy enjoying my "Jello Delight." 🙂

Church was great and it was really nice to hear Pastor Dunlop preach again and really cool to hear him preach at my church here in Delaware.  Caleb, Tommy, Ryan, Paul, and Sean totally hit it off and had a blast hanging out after church.  They even picked him up (which Darlene, Sarah, and Ariel thought was embarrassing how every where they go the guys “pick some one up” for a picture).  lol  Anyways, this is a big feat since Caleb is a really big guy. 🙂  Ryan even talked to Caleb’s mom to try to convince her to let him come out to eat with us (he had a lot of homework).  She said no, but later changed her mind, so the boys were really excited about that.  Oh, and Tommy, try to find a way to get those pics to me!  lol I left my camera at home, so pictures will be a while in coming as the girls are going to email them to me when they get home.

We all went out to eat at Sonic afterwards and had a lot of fun.  The guys helped Caleb with his sermon for Nationals, goaded him into posing for pics, and shared lots of jokes.  They seemed to have a great time.  Mrs. Dunlop thought it would have been a good idea for me to travel back to DC with them and spend a day or two hanging out.  That would have been totally fun if I had known that was an option!  I would have totally taken a day or two off of work for that.  lol  But alas, it was not to be.  Maybe in two years when they come again. 🙂  It was fun and sad to say goodbye, but hopefully my dad and mom will be coming to visit this summer.  And who knows, maybe I’ll get to visit CA at Christmas or next summer. 

Oh yeah, and funny thing.  I thought I didn’t know Sean at first.  He has matured since I last saw him and at first I didn’t recognize him.  I said, “I know everyone except….oh, wait.  I know everyone!”  lol



  1. lol Sounds like you had a blast! 🙂 I am glad everyone enjoyed visiting you. I am looking forward to seeing some of those pics for sure! 🙂

  2. lol. Yes, the guys will pick up EVERYONE! Senior pastors…total strangers…doesn’t matter. It does get a bit embarrassing…but then I have lived with Tommy for a while so I do get kinda used to it, lol.
    I just don’t like it when he picks ME up, because I can’t get down and he thinks it’s funny that he can put me wherever he wants.
    Anyways, I am glad you had a good time! 🙂 Yea, can’t wait till my turn in like 24 days…

    • Jen, I can’t wait until your turn either! 🙂 Yay! (and Renae, I want you to come too, but it is hard to look forward without a date. lol).

  3. “The woods…” I’ve heard of those. And it’s always cool to have a clumsy person in the youth group. Guaranteed laughs!

    • lol. Yeah, and Michelle is a great sport about it. Last year at the Camp Calvary youth rally, she lost her cell phone, not once, but TWICE! lol The first time someone turned it in and the second time, Matt saw it fall out of her pocket and picked it up. Then during the message, the speaker was talking about how you feel when you lose your cell phone and Michelle feels her pockets and gets this really panicked look on her face….Matt gave it back. lol This year she left her cell phone at home – on purpose!

  4. Wow….”stellar”!! I like it!
    And Michelle sounds like me in my youth group! Yeah, I was always the klutzy one and I was the only one that wasn’t a jock, so I was ungraceful and bad at sports! Many good laughs! 🙂

    • Well, she isn’t terrible at sports, but she does have a hard time staying on her feet. She’s a good sport about it though. And yes, lots of good laughs! 🙂

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