Posted by: Becka | May 26, 2009


This weekend was so crazy and fun that I think it will take three posts to tell about it!  The most exciting and frustrating thing that happened this weekend took place yesterday.  It rained for three hours yesterday.  When I say “rained,”  I mean “poured.”  We got eight inches of rain in three hours (approximately 8 inches – it was our best guess judging by the water in our wheelbarrow and bucket).   It was crazy.  First of all, this was a problem because we are already practically at sea level.  Our water table is about two feet under ground.  Secondly, this was a problem because anytime you get that much rain in a short period of time, you are going to have some flooding.  Our next door neighbors no longer have a yard (they will have one again when the water finally goes away).  There was a river flowing across the road.  Kirsten’s pond grew into a lake!  Part of our yard is even under water and all of our yard is a squishy mess.  Well, we have had a rather damp basement as a rule, so Matt decided to check it to make sure things were okay.  They weren’t.

The river crossing the street and flowing right into Kirsten's yard.

The river crossing the street and flowing right into Kirsten's yard.

Our basement was trying to disappear under four feet of water!!!  It covered the sump pump (which apparently stopped working), covered our furnace, covered our dehumidifier, and halfway covered our hot water heater.  Matt left to go to his parents house to get another pump to pump the water out with and by the time he got back 15 minutes later, the water had risen another four inches! 

Flooded basement

Flooded basement

Matt was up until 5am pumping the water out of our basement.  He then had to replace a valve switch on our sump pump so that it will pump out any water that continues to comes in and so that now we have running water.  He dried off the hot water heater, but we don’t know if it is going to work yet.  We are hoping (it is a gas one, so the chances are better) that it will work and we will have hot water again.  We had to take showers at his parents house this morning.  So, Matt is teaching on only two hours of sleep and I am so thankful that he didn’t need my help all night.  lol  On the bright side, our turtles now have plenty of water to drink and swim in as their little enclosure is 3/4 of the way under water!  🙂

For more pictures of the flood and my weekend click here.



  1. What a relaxing Memorial Day. Does the dehumidifier help keep things comfortable inside?

    • We already had minimal problems with water in there, but between the pump and the dehumidifier, it was keeping the basement nice and dry. And no, not comfortable. It makes it really dry (that’s nice), but REALLY hot (that’s not nice).

  2. That stinks, I’m sorry. 😦

  3. Well I am glad the turtles are happy. 🙂 I am sorry that it happened though.

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