Posted by: Becka | June 19, 2009


My husband is crazy.  First of all, he is just that way.  I don’t think he can help it.  Second of all, he thinks I want to blog about every little thing that happens.  Actually, maybe he is teasing me, but whatever.  Yesterday, he pulled a sweatshirt out of our laundry window.  He put it there because he has a cord coming in the window, so we couldn’t close the window properly and so he put the sweatshirt there to keep out the cold and rain.  Anyways, when he pulled it out yesterday it had very unique lines on it where the sun faded it.  My husband thought it was really cool.  He asked me if I wanted to take a pic of it to blog about.  Umm…no thanks.  lol  But here I am blogging about it anyways.  Maybe I should’ve taken a picture. Then he went on to say that if he had a blog, it would be so random that people would read it just because.  Yeah, sure…whatever.  He said that yesterday’s post would have been about his cut thumb (which has a big gash on it that he cut with his screwdriver) and the faded sweatshirt.  Wow.  He’s crazy.

There was something that I thought was funny among the ancedotes of yesterday though.  A few weeks ago, I decided to take advantage of my self-cleaning oven and turned on the cleaning feature before leaving for work.  A few hours later I get a phone call from Matt asking me if I had vacuumed and the belt burnt or what in the world I had been doing that morning.  I calmly explained that I had turned on the cleaning mechanism on the stove.  lol  Then today, my boss gets a phone call….. her husband is wondering what that burning smell was.  You guessed it, she had turned on the cleaning feature on her oven too!  lol  Too funny.  Even funnier is that she left him a note, but he didn’t even see it.  Some things just really crack me up laughing.



  1. i thought you were the crazy one…

  2. lol… I love you and your randomness! :0 Matt cracks me up! 🙂 I will blog all about the wedding in a day or so!

    • Ummm… no matter what anybody tells you (ahem, Matt) I am NOT crazy. lol 🙂 I don’t think. Wait, maybe I am, but I’m not as crazy as Matt so that makes me NOT crazy. lol

  3. lol, that’s weird about the stoves. It’s so weird how things happen in pairs or in threes…

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