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Summer Camp 2009


Where to begin? Camp was awesome.  The activities were wonderful, the girls in my cabin were amazing and the preaching was inspiring.  We brought a total of 10 teenagers from our church.  5 girls and 5 guys.  I had 5 other girls in my cabin and a wonderful “Jr. counselor.”  Many thanks to Emily, Michelle, Mai, Liz, Kirsten, Sara, Melissa, Sarah, Caitlin, and Jenny for a wonderful time.  It was so encouraging to me that the girls got a long so well.  By the end of the first day, the girls from our church were pairing off with the other girls and there were no cliques.  Loved it!  We had so much fun hanging out and playing games together.  A favorite was barrel ball.  We played it twice during the week.


Cabin 11 Cabin 11

 So, Monday was great.  A somewhat long drive, but not too bad.  We found that Emily has weird sleeping positions.  We got all settled, met the girls in our cabin and were almost really late to lunch.  lol  I had no idea what the schedule was like and no one was around to ask at that point.  But we made it in time to actually eat, so all is good.  We had orientation and had some cabin time during which we played barrell ball with the guys.  Then there was chapel and then we played a huge game of capture the flag.  So fun!  We played a manhunt type game in the dark.  The girls kept screaming (of course, one of the guys’ cabins kept jumping out and acting like they were going to “catch” us).

Capture the Flag Capture the Flag

 Tuesday was as busy as any camp day.  The main things that stand out to me from this day is the Chinese Checkers game and the Monopoclue game we played.  Chinese checkers was a blast to watch (the one time I actually played was fun too).  It was really simple.  You just had to get to your circle on the other side of the field without getting hit by the noodler or your chain breaking apart.  Easy, right?  Not as easy as it sounds, but tons of fun!  There was a big collision in one of them and it was so funny!  Monopoclue was this awesome camp wide Monopoly Game.  Certain places at camp were different properties and you would roll the dice to find where you went next.  The clue part was that you got clues at each property as to who dunit, what they used, where, and why.  It was a ton of fun.  Mostly because our cabin kept landing on “Go” and getting all this money.  Matt and his cabin did not enjoy it so much as they ended up at the pool 5 or 6 times in the game!  lol  At dinner, that evening (which was actually before chapel and the Monopoclue game) was nerd night and the girls had a blast dressing up for it.  One girl wore her brother’s “used” boxers over her pants.  Ewwwww!!!!   That night we had a campfire with a devotion and made s’mores.  Yum!

Chinese Checkers Chinese Checkers



Nerd Night Nerd Night


 Wednesday was the best day.  Because the camp was smaller in attendance the week we went, we got to do a lot of fun things that we normally wouldn’t get to do.  Wednesday is always the day that we get to go down the road to Blue Marsh Lake and go tubing and jet skiing.  So fun.  Normally, the boys go first, and then when they come back, the girls get to go.  Because of the smaller numbers, the guys went first while the girls hung out at the pool and then the girls joined the guys at the lake and we had lunch over there.  It was tons of fun.  Well, except when Matt lost his frisbee in the lake and he and Matt S. were diving for it fully clothed.  lol  Oops.  Then the guys went back to camp for some fun and the girls went tubing and jet skiing.  Wednesday is also the night of camp skits which is always a blast.  We went to the top of the hill for devotions and then we got to ride the zipline (land trolley) in the dark!  The teens loved it and it was a blast!

Trying to retrieve the frisbeeTrying to retrieve the Frisbee

 Thursday was interesting to say the least.  Kirsten got sick and because the camp was on high alert due to a flu bug going around, opted to send her home immediately.  After Kirsten drank a bunch of water and took it easy for the day, she was feeling better, but we spent the entire day waiting for her mom to come get her.  Thankfully, she was feeling better, so she hung around with us wherever we went and didn’t have to hang out in the cabin by herself.  Thursday night was formal night where the guys sit every other seat at the tables and the girls draw numbers and sit at the table they draw.  The stipulation for girls is that they have to wear their hair up and the guys have to wear something for a necktie.  This produces many creative ties.  Last year, a guy came wearing an ironing board “tie.”  lol  Fun.  Thursday was also the night for testimonies, the camp highlight video, and camper party.  It was pretty fun, but things got pretty late.  I don’t think we were even back to the cabin until 12:45am or something like that.

Cabin 11 on formal night Cabin 11 on formal night

 Friday is a shorter day and kinda sad because you have to say goodbye to all the new friends you made.  They let us sleep in, so that was awesome.  The counselor meeting (we met every morning before breakfast to go over the day’s schedule and for devotions) wasn’t until 10am!  Woohoo!  Gotta love it.  The last preaching service was my favorite one.   On our way home, the breaks started going out on the van, so we pulled off into a school parking lot and spent a couple hours there waiting for a new ride.  Thankfully, we were already in Delaware by that time and so it wasn’t as far as it could have been.  We have a great group of teens and things went pretty well considering.

Waiting for our ride. Waiting for our ride.

 The preaching at camp was really good.  The teens really listened and many of our teens made good decisions.  A couple of them made the decision to attend a Christian college.  This made my heart so happy!  Doug Finkbeiner was the speaker for the week and he did a good job of relating to the teens.  Two of his daughters were in our cabin.  Rachel as our Jr. Counselor and Sarah as a camper.  I think having his children their at camp and hanging with the other teens went a long way in his connecting with our teens.  Overall it was a wonderful week and helped me grow closer to God.  I feel privileged that God allowed me to have a part in the lives of these teens.


For pictures of the week click here.

For videos, visit my youtube account: link here.



  1. So, I have no idea what happened to the pics. I can’t get them any smaller and they won’t show the whole pic on the page. For the whole effect you can look at my pics by clicking on the link.

  2. I am glad you had a wonderful time!

  3. For me I can see the whole pic, but there are huge spaces between them, lol 🙂 It did that to me when I was in Europe too, wordpress can be weird sometimes!

    • lol Funny. No big spaces for me. Weird.

    • lol Funny. No big spaces for me. Weird.

  4. It wasn’t just any flu bug…the church I used to go to went to junior week the same week as Milford’s juniors did and after they got back, they had at least 4 (may be more, i’m not sure) confirmed cases of swine flu. crazy.

    • Yeah, but around camp it really was a flu bug. Southside was the only church affected by the swine flu. We knew all about that before taking the teens and it was isolated to that one church. I was trying not to cause panic among the teens and people going crazy thinking they are going to die because of the swine flu. lol But seriously, the people sick at the camp had the regular flu, NOT the swine flu. She wasn’t sick in that way either. For her, it was kinda like when the coach makes you run too much and you puke. She most definitely did NOT have the flu or the swine flu. 🙂 lol

  5. Haha, well that’s good. It’s weird how they were the only ones with it. And it’s funny cuz they’re saying now that it’s practically better to get the swine flu than the regular flu cuz people get over it quicker lol

    • …and after all that stupid swine flu hype. People in general are so gullible sometimes. lol

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