Posted by: Becka | October 26, 2009

Fall and Related Activities.

I have come to LOVE fall!  Growing up in CA, fall was never much of an experience.  The leaves turn colors for about 2 days and then fall off the trees.  The temperatures stay fairly warm there and fall is not much different from spring.  Here, however, it gets cool, the leaves change from green to brilliant reds, oranges, and yellows.  Saturday was a beautiful day.  It was partly sunny and warm, and the wind was blowing.  Though it was warm, it felt like a fall day (in part to the colorful forests and in part to the wind).  The day was so wonderful that I was distracted from my house cleaning duties and compelled to be outside.  The colorful trees beckoned me to take a walk through the woods and I gladly relented.  I enjoyed my walk and photo op thoroughly.  As I was nearing the end of the path, a fox darted right in front of me!  I had never been that close to a real live fox!  It was beautiful!  It had dark red fur with black at the tip of its tail and ears.  I tried to chase it to get a picture, but it was too fast for me.  As I neared my house, I heard a loud cracking sound.  I froze, not knowing what was coming next, and a huge tree branch fell in my front yard!  I definitely had an adventurous morning.


Trail through the woods behind my house.

Trail through the woods behind my house.

For more pictures of Fall!!!!!  click here.

That evening we had a Harvest Party for the youth group.  We were going to have  a bonfire, but it had started to sprinkle on and off and it was still windy.  Not good conditions for a fire.  We had a blast anyways.  We made our own snacks (pizza chips and caramel apples), made bow and arrows and had a shooting contest – with a pumpkin being the target, and played a rousing game of pillow fight on the balancing beam.  It was a great evening filled with fun and camaraderie.  At the beginning of the evening, the boys were jumping off the swings and over the fence.  A little dangerous, but definitely fun to watch!  lol 

For pictures of the Harvest Party, click here.

The mice are multiplying at my house – I think.  They seem to be having parties almost every night.  Saturday night, we caught two in traps in the kitchen.  Unfortunately, they finally found my pantry.  They seemed to enjoy the peanut butter crackers and Cadbury Eggs.  Those mice have strange taste.  Last night I could hear them having a party in my attic (I think Jen has experienced this before too).  They seemed to be having a great time.  Lots of scampering and a couple loud thumps.  Well, too bad for them, but the party is over!  Mice traps in all corners of the attic.  Shhh….don’t tell them!



  1. I liked your fall and harvest party pictures. The video looks kind of dangerous.

  2. Whenever I feel fall-ish sort of weather, it reminds me of those rare GOREGOUS days in WI. The days where I wished I could just sit outside all day and enjoy the amazing weather before the snow came. I haven’t experienced too many days like that anyplace else, I don’t know why. I think WI got like 4 of them a year, lol. If I could bottle up those days and sell them, I’d make a fortune. 🙂
    Yeah, I remember I seriously thought those mice were going to chew through the ceiling and land on the bed! I’m glad Matt was able to get them after the first night!!!

  3. Yeah. I love the fall days here. Well, right now it is rainy, but the colors are wonderful. Saturday was amazing!

    Matt put traps up there last night. I didn’t hear them having a party, so either they are staying away from the traps, or they got caught and I just didn’t hear them. 🙂

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