Posted by: Becka | November 3, 2009

Georgia House

I seem to be on a food posting kick.  lol  This was not my intent, but just seemed to happen that way!  Last Saturday night, Matt and I had date night (first official one in a long time) and went out to dinner at the Georgia House.  Matt had received a gift certificate from the school in honor of his birthday and we figured this was a good time to spend it.  We always enjoy our meal at the Georgia House.  They serve great southern food.  Of course, I’m assuming it’s authentic as I’ve never actually been to the south.  lol


I got this pic off the internet as I did not think to take one while I was there.

It took me a while to decide what to order (it often does), but I finally settled on the Primavera.  It was a great choice!  It came with a side salad, which was delicious, and the portion was very sizeable.  Yum!  I can’t wait to go again!


Our waitress was very good and refilled our glasses without any prompting.  They did accidentally give our food to someone else, so we had to wait a bit longer for our meal, but we were enjoying our date, so it didn’t matter.  🙂



  1. Glad you had a good time! 🙂

  2. Primavera looks great, but I didn’t know it was “southern”! What did Matt have? Have you guys had fried chicken there?

    Stay on this food kick as long as you like!

  3. I don’t know if the Primavera is southern. I didn’t really mean to imply that. The Georgia House DOES serve a lot of southern dishes though. Matt loves their Sweet Potato Chips. They are kinda soft and chewy, not crunchy like real potato chips.

    Matt had Cajun Catfish and said it was really good. He has tried all of their seafood dishes and has loved every single one of them. 🙂

    @Renae – thanks! 🙂

  4. Ha ha, so the waitress was nice and didn’t try to flirt with Matt? lol, sorry. I was just thinking seriously, why do waitresses always flirt with guys that I am out with? Weird. Ha ha, member the waitress when we were at…what was it Red Robin? When we had the green balloon…?? Anyways…not that that was technically a date, but still…lol.
    That’s good your waitress was on top of it. When Zaz n Christ n I went out the other night we had to beg refills off of a different waitress, and when she came back she brought really small glasses. lol.
    Okay, so I just remembered this time at Elephant Bar that made me laugh! Remember when we used to get a big group and go there and that one time I wanted like a mud pie I think it was and no one wanted to split it with me, so the waiter said he would and then he seriously came and sat with me and we shared it? LOL, and he paid for it too so that was cool. Sigh. I miss those fun times! K- I’ll shut up now!

  5. lol Jen!
    OKay, so no, the waitress didn’t flirt with Matt, though that has happened a couple times (even while we were married!). It shocks me every time. Not that girls would flirt with Matt, but that they have the gall to do so when I am sitting right there! lol lol 🙂
    lol I totally remember both the Red Robin and Elephant Bar incidents. lol That waiter was hilarious. We were all pretty surprised. 🙂

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