Posted by: Becka | November 30, 2009

Fun and Randomness

My Thanksgiving was wonderful.  I’m hoping yours was too!  We had a marvelous turkey.  It tasted soooooo good!  It was moist and tender and seriously one of the best turkeys I’ve ever had.  Yum!!!!

I love long weekends.  I feel as if I got so much done (even though I didn’t really).  I cleaned my house, went out of town, went shopping with a friend (got some new clothes – love it!), and had a lot of fun with my husband.  Even going back to work isn’t bad.  I mean, who wouldn’t love a year long vacation, but I love my job and there is a lot to do today since the weekend was so long. 

It appears that our skunk (or a skunk) is back in the neighborhood.  And it decided that our house was it’s enemy (or something like that).  Last night when we got home from church, it smelled like skunk outside. Then as we walked inside the house, it got worse!  What?!  Yeah, apparently, the skunk sprayed really close to our house and the inside of our house smelled like stale skunk.  Ick!  I could smell it most of the night and was wondering if I would smell like skunk when I went to work.  I can’t smell it and nobody has said anything to me yet, so here’s hoping for the best! 🙂



  1. lol… Is that a new perfume, Becka? It isn’t the best smell… ummm in fact it smells like SKUNK 🙂 like someone is going to say that! lol

  2. LOL the first thing kirsten and i said when we went into home room was it smelled like sunk. matt then tould us the same story, only less funny. lol

  3. The turkey looks great! Nice color. Did you do something special to get it so tasty and moist?

  4. Jay – Sadly, I cannot take credit for the turkey. I think she soaked it in a salt brine for a whole day. Other than that, I don’t know her secrets.

    Michelle – That is so funny that you could even smell it, bc pretty sure even though I could smell it all night, my clothes didn’t seem to smell like it. But, his jacket might have. My bag that I brought to work did.

    Renae – not a new perfume. No thanks!

  5. We do the salt brine, too! Definitely the very best way to get some flavor and moisture into a turkey. I think “The Fun Foodie” will be posting about that soon!

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