Posted by: Becka | February 1, 2010

More Snow!

Yay!  I love, love, love snow!  We got 8 inches on Saturday.  Everything is a beautiful white again today.  We only had the 11am service at church (no evening service because of re-freezing), and so yesterday was way more relaxing than most Sundays.  Matt didn’t have school today, but of course, I still had work.  Hoping for more snow before the winter is over!

I’ll try to post a few pics tomorrow.  🙂



  1. eww.

  2. Okay, I now know you have been out of CA way too long. You are saying you love the snow….

    • It’s different here than Wisconsin. They actually close stores and stuff. Getting snow is so much fun! Also, it’s not nearly as bitterly cold here. The coldest it has been here all winter has been in the single digits, but that was the middle of the night. The coldest on a regular day has been in the lower 20s. That’s nothing compared to -15 or -30 like in Wisconsin. 🙂

      I’m thoroughly enjoying winter here. Especially because now I have the proper clothing and cute accessories! 🙂

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