Posted by: Becka | March 18, 2010

Things I Was Reminded of This Week

1.  The weather doesn’t have to get you down.  Last week, it was raining pretty hard, and I noticed that the birds were still singing.  It was a great reminder that no matter what circumstances we may be going through, God is still in control and therefore we can still sing.

2.  No matter how many distractions there are in church, God can still speak to people.  Last night in Teen Impact, there were numerous distractions, especially when the lesson started focusing on salvation.  However, God still spoke to one young man’s heart and he received the Lord as Saviour!

3.  Numbers aren’t important. The message is important, not how many are in attendance.  On a side note, our numbers were way down in storytime at the library, but it was the most fun storytime I have been to in a while.

4.  If your coworker is standing beside you with a rubber band, duck!  She might try to take your head off.

5.  Days off of work are wonderful (not sure I really needed to be reminded of this.  lol).  Looking forward to Good Friday.

6.  Always bring a sweater to work.  Even if it’s nice enough outside to go without one, inevitably the air conditioning will be on and blowing right at you.

7.  Sometimes a good laugh is all that is needed to turn your bad day into a good day.  🙂



  1. Those were great reminders! Thanks for thinking about things like this. I totally understand the sweater thing. 🙂 Praise the Lord about the boy who received Christ. Hope you have many laughter filled days!

  2. Did I remind you about Good Friday? 🙂 Well anyways, yay, can’t wait! lol
    Happy weekend!

  3. Jen – Sure did! 🙂 Not that I REALLY needed to be reminded, but it was nice!

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