Posted by: Becka | March 30, 2010

You Don’t Like the Way I Dress?

I recently bought a new blouse that I was rather proud of.  My husband wasn’t overly enthusiastic about it.  I said, “You don’t like it, do you?”  He says, “It’s…interesting,” as I hold it up for perusal.  He quickly follows with, “I’ll probably like it on you though.”  Nice recovery.  Then he says, “I don’t have to like everything you wear.  Then I wouldn’t have favorites.”  This naturally leads to the next question asked by me, “Oh!  What are your favorites?”  Since somehow I am never informed of what those favorites might be.  Compliments are rather vague.  “You look nice.”  It covers every occasion.  (I’m hoping this compliment is in reference to my actual appearance, not my character – as in “she looks like a ‘nice’ person”).  In response to my question, my husband responds with a rather blank look, “….uh…I’ll know it when I see it.”  Hmmm…..riiiight.  I am beginning to wonder if he likes any of my clothes.  lol  My only consolation is that I vividly remember him saying the other day, “You always dress nice.”  I guess, in his defense, it’s rather hard to mentally walk through my entire wardrobe.  I do have a good amount of clothes.  Although I could name a few of his clothes that are my favorites, I won’t hold the fact that he couldn’t name one article of mine as a favorite completely against him.  To which he would reply, “There was nothing for you to be upset about anyways.”  Whatever.  🙂



  1. lol… sounds like conversations James and I have sometimes… 🙂 it is a good thing we love our husbands or this might really offend us!

  2. Ha ha, yep that’s guys lol. Most of em anyways…

  3. whats scarry is that anthony could probably tell you almost ALL of my clothes and name his favorites.

  4. Ha ha, too funny! Guys might not say that what you’re wearing is cute or nice all the time (as would girls), but they’ll let you know if it’s something they don’t like! 🙂

  5. hmmm…maybe if we saw a picture of the shirt? =)
    i am just saying, it must’ve been something to get that type of reaction. lol. my husband’s response is usually , “don’t you already have a black skirt? blue sweater? green shirt?, white socks? etc. ha, ha.

  6. Miriam – for reals. Well, I’m really excited about it anyways. I don’t care what he thinks. lol I’ll let you know if his response is any different after I wear it on Sunday.

    Zaz – lol about “don’t you already have…?” too funny. This is the shirt. Only in more of an emerald color. And at the risk of sounding vain, it looks really good on me. lol

  7. I really think your shirt is cute, and I’m sure it will look great on you! 🙂

  8. Thanks, Miriam! Obviously, I thought so too! 🙂

  9. lol. i wonder why matt said that? ha,ha.

  10. Actually, i wore it for church yesterday and he told me “it looks fine.” Translation: “I don’t dislike it nearly as much as I thought I would.” He told me it looked better on me than it did on the hanger. Besides, I received numerous compliments from my friends and peers, so who cares what Matt says? He doesn’t have any fashion sense. Not that I’m abounding in it, but hey, I do alright. 🙂

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