Posted by: Becka | April 1, 2010

Auctions: a Manly Pastime

Matt loves going to auctions.  He loves seeing what good deals and good buys he can find.  He and his dad have gone to several this spring.  He’s gotten several great deals.  Stuff for $2, etc.  Not necessarily junk either.  Stuff he will actually use.  The other day we were discussing how I dislike auctions and the only reason I ever go to them is so I can spend time with my husband.  He referred to them as “man malls.”  I have never heard a more accurate description in my life.  He hit the nail on the head.  So, last weekend as Matt went to the “Man Mall,”  I went with a friend to the real Mall.  Now the beauty of this whole arrangement is that I can almost guarantee that my husband will spend more money than me.  This is great for going on shopping sprees.  How can he be upset with me for my purchases when he just bought a trailer?  It’s a great setup.  Send him to the Man Mall, and I’ll spend money at the real mall, and everybody is happy!  Well, of course, except for our wallets.



  1. lol… I had someone the other day comment on one of my statuses… the status was “on a date to the mall” she said I must have planned it… but I didn’t it was all James’ idea… we didn’t buy anything but we went and walked around our very ritzy mall… I only say ritzy because how else do you explain the janitors wearing bowties. 🙂 We kind of have the same rule for money though…

  2. Another reason I can’t imagine getting married…having to answer to someone for my shopping sprees! Or for all my vacations! Or….anything lol.

  3. lol It’s not bad at all, Jen. 😉

  4. Hahaha, man malls…neither Adam nor I have ever been to an auction, but I bet he would like it. He is kind of the same way, he’ll spend more money than me if given the chance. I love it for exactly the same reason you do, lol.

  5. Yeah, Matt LOVES them. Something about getting cool stuff for pennies. He did bring home a really awesome chest the other day though. 🙂

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