Posted by: Becka | April 12, 2010

Camp Calvary Youth Rally

Saturday, we went to the 4th annual Camp Calvary youth rally.  We left at 6:30am.  Ugh.  I hate mornings.  I think the last time I got up that early was for the youth rally last year.  It was an awesome day.  Lots of cutting up during the van ride (you can fit a lot of fun in when you’re in the van for three hours – one way).  The games this year were a blast.  The skits weren’t as funny this year, but overall, it was so much fun that it didn’t matter.  The weather cooperated well.  The wind made it a little cold, but I was so prepared.  lol 

We had a great time participating and hanging out.  Already looking forward to next year’s rally!  This rally is really good for our youth group.  It is almost like the Camp Revisted rallies that we had when I was in the youth group.  Except we really are revisitng camp.  🙂  You see familiar faces and see the camp.  Have great preaching (two preaching sessions).  The messages yesterday were awesome.  The speaker, Mark Kitrell, really zeroed in on serving God.  It was really challenging – even to me. 

There were 400 (or a little over) teens there at the rally.  Talk about a blast!  Some of the games got a little crazy, which actually made them more fun – especially to watch.  lol  The place was packed out.  The dining hall and the chapel are connected and so they used both areas for the services.  The dining hall was almost filled with teens too!  Their capacity for a week of camp is around 200 teens, so having 400 there made the chapel and dining hall feel rather…crammed.

We had so much fun!  And we were so glad that Liz was able to come with us.  Just like old times!  🙂

For more pics of the rally, click here.  Don’t forget to check out the videos at the end!  🙂



  1. Mark Kitrell preached my freshman year in college! Good preacher.

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