Posted by: Becka | July 6, 2010

Fourth of July Weekend!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the fourth of July.  Something about all that patriotism really gets to me.  I deck all out in my red, white, and blue, proudly salute the flag, and participate in the all-american barbeque.  🙂  Great stuff.  I think I might also like it because it is a summer holiday.  The only real one! 

I had a great Independence Day weekend.  I did have to work Saturday, but things were slow and my coworker and I managed to have some fun.  🙂  Matt and I got new phones when we renewed our plan on Saturday and so we spent the afternoon fooling with them.  I gotta say that I love my new phone.  🙂  Saturday evening was a barbeque at the Passwater’s house in honor of Kirsten’s birthday.  That was a blast. 

Sunday was church, barbeque, and more church.  I was very happy that there was no choir practice though!  After the evening service, Matt took me and his mom to Cape Henlopen to watch the Rehoboth fireworkds.  Sadly, the best fireworks show in Delaware was cancelled due to the fact that there is hardly any beach left (the big storms we’ve had lately kinda destroyed it).  Sadness…hopefully they’ll have them next year.  Anyways, our trip to Cape Henlopen quickly became, shall we say,…interesting.  Due to rigid and stubborn park rangers.  lol

Monday was full of fun.  We went with Zeke and Rachel Gutshall, and the Johnsons (including Curt) to the Cape May-Lewes Ferry and took it over to Cape May.  We went to the Cape May Zoo (which is free) and enjoyed taking pics and goofing off.  It was such a blast! 

On the ferry on the way home, we had a Coast Guard escort the entire way (it’s a little more than an hour across the bay).  We came to the conclusion that there must have been somebody important on the ferry.  The Coast Guard wouldn’t let a single boat anywhere close to our ferry.  They provided tons of entertainment for the trip. 

Had an awesome weekend and looking forward to next weekend!  Anniversary trip to Niagara Falls.  Should be sheer awesomeness.

For more pics of my weekend, click here!



  1. Really enjoyed your pictures… glad you had a great 4th… I wore red, white, and blue from the 1st-the 4th… I only play patriotic music on my iPod and even made a ringtone from the chorus of “God Bless the USA”… I think daddy helped us become lovers all things American 🙂

  2. This was the trip we were going to take if the weather was good, right? Taking the ferry…

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