Posted by: Becka | July 29, 2010

12 Years Old

Before church last night, Mr. Massotti came up to me and Matt to talk.  He asks me, “Do you love everything about your husband?”

Huh?  So, I replied, “Well, no. ” (Later my husband said if he had been asked that question about me that he would have said yes.  And then he added that he probably would have been lying.  lol ).

Mr. Massotti says, “Would you love everything about your husband from 12 years ago?”  Umm…. well…I didn’t know him 12 years ago, so I guess it depends.  So, I said, “Maybe.”

Mr. Massotti pulls a toothbrush (in it’s original package) from behind his back.  He says, I believe this is Matt’s.  We finally got around to going through the bathroom cabinets.  The package had Matt’s name written on the back of it.  I guess he had forgotten his toothbrush once while spending the night, so they gave him a spare and wrote his name on it should he ever forget it again.  I can’t believe they still had it!  Or that he would give it to us!

I laughed for a good 5 minutes about it.  So, now I have a toothbrush in my purse (forgot to take it out).  I guess it’s always good to have a spare…even if it is 12 years old.



  1. the strange things people keep! 🙂 lol

  2. that was soooo funny, i kept looking at it on the floor during church and wanting to laugh 🙂 lol

  3. So when I read the header at first I thought you were going to say that someone thought YOU were 12 years old and I was gonna be like “wow.” lol
    That’s a keepsake! Too bad it can’t be scrapbooked or something. lol

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