Posted by: Becka | August 6, 2010

Crazy Week

This week has been crazy busy.  Not only is it the last week of the Summer Reading Program at the library (which means tons of work for me), it has also been VBS at our church.  That means every night after an extra busy day at work, I’ve been rushing to church to help with VBS, sometimes even skipping dinner (this decision made after I ate dinner so fast the first night that I gave myself a stomach-ache).  Needless to say, I’m starting to feel rather tired.  I even have to work this Saturday!  No reprieve, I tell you.  lol

On the really bright side, we have had high attendances at VBS (150 kids on Thursday night) and so far have had 19 children come to know the Lord as Saviour!  Pretty exciting stuff.  Our Jr. High class has been booming!  We had 11 in attendance the first night, 16 the second night, 15 the third night, and 17 on Thursday night!  That’s a lot of Jr. Highers (considering we have about 4 or 5 in Sunday School).

This week has been tiring and a little long feeling, but it will soon be over and I thank the Lord for the decisions made at VBS.

Not only was it a busy week, but I found out some very interesting information this week.  As you know (if you’ve read my blog at all), I’ve been working on my family geneology.  Yesterday, I found that I am directly related to Henry I, King of England (1068-1135).  Wow.  Okaaaayy… so I did some more checking.  It seems, I’m related to him through an illegitimate son.  lol  Who would’ve thought.  So, not only do I have royal blood in me, my ancestor had no direct claim to the throne!  lol  The things you find out.  The thing that amazed me most in this discovery was just the fact that I could actually trace my lineage as far back as the 11th century!  And I’m still going back!  Pretty interesting.  lol

I also found that I’m related to Henry I, King of France (1008-1060), and possibly Charlemagne (though that one isn’t completely proven yet.



  1. So which son are we related through? I am sorry your week had been so busy…

  2. Robert I, Earl of Gloucester.,_1st_Earl_of_Gloucester

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