Posted by: Becka | August 25, 2010

Beautiful Like a Brand New Rocking Chair

Last Saturday, I spent a couple of hours outside enjoying the wonderful weather.  And, of course, while I was doing this, I painted my rocking chairs.  They look 100 times better! 

What my chairs looked like before. This was the best picture I had on hand. lol

Freshly painted chair. 🙂

The porch swing is next!




  1. Beautiful…

  2. Very cute =)

  3. Looks nice Becka! With those benches from a few posts back you have room for a crowd!

  4. And soon to add a porch swing! Coming up in October, we are planning to have a Harvest Party at our house for the teens. Looks like I’ll have plenty of places for them all to sit. Though transporting the porch swing to the back of the yard might not be the smartest idea. lol 🙂

  5. That swing will be so nice. It will be good to have seating spread around. Having a comfy seat wherever people find themselves sounds so welcoming.

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