Posted by: Becka | September 2, 2010

My Weekly Shopping Trip

Interestingly enough, I had a really great morning.  Not that I never have great mornings, but….  well, let me just explain.  I hate grocery shopping.  Hate it with a passion.  However, sigh, it is one of those things that is a necessary part of life.  So, every Thursday morning, being the dutiful wife that I am, I get up early (at least 8am), and do the grocery shopping before work.  Now, I really didn’t want to go this morning.  Not only was it super humid, but I have so much that I want to do at home, the least of which is finishing painting my porch swing.  But, I went anyways.  I got to Wal-Mart (where I do all my shopping – one stop shopping really is the bomb no matter how much Wal-Mart irritates me sometimes), and the car in front of me just stopped in the lane.  Now, in his defense, there were shopping carts everywhere (in practically all 5 of the closest parking spots).  Then, he gets out of his car.  I can’t go around him, I can’t back up, I’m basically stuck.  I started to get slightly irritated with him.  He cleared at least 3 parking spaces of carts, and as he was pushing them away, waved for me to park in the closest spot.  Oops.  Guilt set in.  I was irritated with him for holding me up, and he was so nice!  lol  So, I made sure to verbally thank him before heading into the store. 

I was also exchanging something this morning, so after I finished my shopping, paid for all my items (and I forgot something, but was NOT going to go get it), I headed to Customer Service.  The exchange went smoothly enough, except for the fact that the receipt printer refused to print my receipt.  I got an escort to the door.  lol  It was kinda awesome.  This worker walked with me, so that the man at the door would know that I was not stealing the lovely picture frame I had just received.  It was quite interesting.  🙂

On top of getting my shopping done, putting my groceries away, and getting ready for work, I was still able to finish cleaning my living room!  It has indeed been a great morning.

As a side note, I was super happy to find that Wal-Mart is now carrying better brands of yarn, which gives me more variety in my shopping.  They also had Glade Plug-Ins in stock.  You don’t understand.  This is huge for Wal-Mart.  I have been checking the shelf every time I have been in Wal-Mart (around once a week) since JANUARY for these things.  Our Wal-Mart seriously has a problem restocking shelves.  When you have been trying to buy something that there is a tag on the shelf for for over 8 months, something is desperately wrong.  Anyways, after looking for something for 8 months and finally finding it, it’s bound to make your day.  I wiped out their stock.  Hopefully, the next person doesn’t have to wait 8 months.  lol


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