Posted by: Becka | September 7, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

This past weekend was great.  In spite of not feeling well, I got a ton of stuff done.  I started to reorganize the second floor of my house.  For those of you who have been in it…well, you know what a huge job this is/was.  Basically, any box that I hadn’t finished unpacking or didn’t feel like putting in the attic, got placed in one of the spare rooms upstairs.  A mess.  A. huge. mess.  No fear, I was in an organizing mood.  Now, after some of Friday, some of Saturday, and almost all of Monday, the upstairs is looking beautiful like a brand new home!  Pics will be available as soon as I complete the finishing touches (like putting a few boxes in the attic). 

We made two trips to Lowe’s this weekend.  Matt is building a woodshed.  Forgot some stuff in the first trip.  That is what he spent his Monday doing.  Pics will be available of that as soon as it is finished, but I must say that it is looking good!  🙂 

The other project that I completed this weekend, was painting my porch swing.  It looks great.  Now if I can only get my husband to hang it…. 

The "before" pic. I know, I'm horrible at taking an actual "before" pic. This is cropped from the previous rocking chair picture. lol

New and improved!!!

We truly labored this weekend.  And it was immensely fun!



  1. Good job! =) I just imagined you guys sitting on the bench on the lawn, without it being hung, and your legs sticking straight out and it made me laugh =)

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