Posted by: Becka | September 8, 2010

The Funny Things That People Say

1.  When the H1N1 virus was going around and the first case had been reported at the local elementary, one mother said, “Well, everybody’s having airborne for dinner!”

2.  A little girl came up to the desk at the library and said, “I want a movie on self-confidence because I don’t take pride in myself.”  lol

3.  When Larry was wearing a kilt, Kirsten said, “It’s really hard to take you seriously in a kilt.”  As Larry twirled around, Michelle said, “We know everything you’re wearing!” (Thankfully he was wearing his normal clothes underneath the kilt.)

4.  “What the biohazardous waste is this?”  lol  That line just totally cracked me up.

5.  While standing outside talking, Matt randomly says, “Is that Venus?!”

6.  The dominating line in our group at camp, “Good story, good story, good story, good story.  Put it in the good story basket!  Bing!”  lol  Too funny.  (It is actually a little song/chant).

7.  “Why do you put a bookmark in your book?”  Mom to 4 yr old son.  He replies,  “To pause it.”

8.  A kid was making a phone call in the library.  After he hung up, turned to his friend and said, “I called him, but he’s not responding.”

9.  The other day at work, a man came in and said, “I need an email address and the people at Lowe’s told me that the library hands them out.”  lol  Like I was just going to pull out a list, and assign him an email address.  Made me laugh.

10.  In honor of Michelle, I had to put this in.  One evening at Teen Impact, we had a girl who had  just recently moved here from Philadelphia.  I asked her if she thought that Delaware was “country.”  She replied, “I think I would call it ‘urbanized country’.”  lol  I thought that was perfect!  And yes, Michelle, urbanized or not, she still thought it was “the country.”  🙂

11.  While visiting Santa Monica on a visit to California, Matt and I were resting on a bench when we overheard a lady talking to her friend.  “I might take back what I was gonna say, but I’ll talk to you about it later.”  LOL  What?  If you’re going to take back something you’re going to say, maybe you just shouldn’t say it.  lol



  1. Gnib.

  2. my fave would be the bio-hazardous! who comes up with these sayings?!?! LOL

  3. lol… definitely put a smile on my face… 🙂 James and Matt are so much alike with the whole Venus thing… James did that same thing just the other night! 🙂

  4. You totally should have made up a really funny, random email address for that guy. I would have. =) lol. I miss weird library quotes!!!

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