Posted by: Becka | September 23, 2010

Bang! Boom! Crash!

Last night at 11:06pm, Fall officially began.  In my neck of the woods it literally started with a bang.  We had a humongous thunderstorm.  It was massive.  At one point, I literally thought we were in the midst of a tornado.  Wind, rain, thunder (LOUD thunder), lightning, complete with what we think was a little hail (we can’t be sure since it was so dark outside.  Makes it hard to see the hail). 

Matt left really early this morning for a teacher’s conference and I blissfully kept sleeping.  Once I got up and was doing some housework, I went outside to wash my trash can, and much to my surprise, this is the sight that greeted me:

Yep, Matt's newly built woodshed - upside down.

The garage is freshly adorned with...leaves.

Sigh. On the far left side of the picture, you can kind of see the little tree that fell over by our house.

Sigh.  Matt’s newly built shed.  lol  I didn’t even attempt to put it back in its prospective place.  I am curious to know if I could move it, but it probably weighs a couple hundred pounds, so I’d rather not strain a muscle. 

There were small branches all over our yard.  I think a branch fell off of almost every tree we have – well, except for the dead tree.  We have a lot of clean-up to do.  I think I might know what the weekend will be spent on.  🙂

I walked around the rest of our property snapping pictures.  It really surprised me and I found it so ironic that the dead tree on our property (the one we have been meaning to take down) remained fully intact, while the best of our large trees lost a huge branch.  And I do mean huge. 

I'm quite suspicious that it may have been struck by lightning as branches that large don't normally just fall off.

Yikes. Half our tree is gone. 😦

Welcome to Fall.  🙂



  1. Okay, that picture of the upside down shed made me laugh! =)

  2. Oh my word the pictures of the branches reminds me of my freshmen year at BJ. We had an ice storm and the ice on the trees were making branches snap off left and right!

    Can I say dangerous!?

  3. Yeah, ice storms are brutal.

  4. The damages look repairable…although the upside-down shed did make me laugh…looks like he needs some weights on the bottom 🙂 glad you are safe though

  5. We talked about how the shed would blow over in a big storm, so he was going to buy some anchors and anchor it…hadn’t made it to the store yet or had time to anchor it…too late. lol

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