Posted by: Becka | September 24, 2010

Midnight Adventures

Names and times have been changed to protect the innocent.

Last night, I had a few friends over for some hanging out time.  When it came time to leave, they went out and got in their vehicle.  First, I hear the doors shut, then open again, then tons of laughter as Kristen walks in the house with…my mallet (we use it for decoration).  She had been playing with it and just walked out of the house with it.  lol  Oops.

They leave again and I hear the car doors shut…again.  And then lots of weird grinding noises.  I finally pull myself from the couch to peer out into the dark to see if everything is okay.  That’s when I noticed that Kristen left her flip-flops in my house.  What was she wearing on her feet?  Apparently nothing.  Anyways, I took out the flip-flops and see Kristen and Shelly pushing the front end of the car, desperately trying to get it to back out of the grass.

Apparently, Shelly knew before she came to my house that her car was having weird transmission problems and still pulled into the grass in a place that was not conducive to ease in backing up.  So, I go out and give a hand at helping them.  I tried in vain to get the car to reverse, but to no avail.  It just wouldn’t go backwards!  We pushed and pushed (and of course, this happened while my husband with his big strong muscles was gone), and pushed and pushed, but wouldn’t you know it?  On top of parking in the grass instead of the gravel, Shelly also parked on a small hill.  For us three, rather small girls (Shelly being the strongest), it was just impossible for us to get it to go backwards.  And yes, we had it in neutral.  🙂

As Shelly is calling her dad to inform that she’ll be home later than originally planned, I got a wonderful idea.  Now, in the previous post you can see that our bushes are quite, shall we say, “squishy.”  They do bounce back after a myriad of circumstances.  I asked Shelly if her turn radius was decent.  The last thing we needed was to drive the car forward and get it more stuck.

I carefully drove the car through the bush, barely missing Matt’s trailer and up to my car.  Ran inside to get my keys, drove my car out of the way, and Shelly drove the car through the grass and finally back into the driveway and even pointing out towards the road!  Mission accomplished!

Before they left, I made sure that Kristen knew not to let Shelly pull into her driveway at home.  🙂  My only souvenirs from last night are a few really sore muscles, and a little rut in my grass.  🙂  Not too worse for the wear.



  1. lol fun memories in the making =)

    Reminds me of trying to back my truck out of icy/snowy parking spaces at school/the apartment/wherever I went…and having to ask a guy at school who I didn’t know to help dig me out. =) (since he was already shoveling the parking lot anyways)

  2. sounds like quite and adventure! Reminds me of us 3 kids push starting the little red car so dad could pop the clutch so we could get to school… 🙂

  3. Renae, it made me think of that too. Also, when I would jump start it by myself at work a few times. lol That’s a trick and a half. So glad I never hit any other cars! 🙂

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