Posted by: Becka | September 27, 2010

Weekend Cleanup

After the big storm we had last week, it took most of our Saturday cleaning things up.  Actually, I should say most of my husband’s Saturday because all I did was take some pictures and be lazy all day.  It was really a great Saturday.  😉 

After some daylight perusal of the damage, we realized it was a bit more extensive than I had first thought.

There was a big dent in the trailer:


And several holes in the roof of our garage:


Cracked board in the roof of the garage:

A dented garage roof:


And a piece broken on the newly constructed shed:


After some examining the situation, my husband pulled the tree off the trailer:


Cleared off the roof:


Righted the shed with some major help from his dad (and a little from me):


Made a trip to Lowe’s and repaired the roof:


And finally came inside to hang out with me.  🙂  But he got a lot done.  Now to just cut up that tree:


I will help with that.  🙂



  1. Wow… Looks extensive… I am glad you didn’t get hurt and that Matt was able to get most of it cleaned up!

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