Posted by: Becka | September 29, 2010

My Dad’s New Wheels?

A friend sent me this picture a couple of days ago: 

Since I know my dad so well, the picture itself made me laugh.  As more information came forth, I was laughing so hard my coworkers probably were affirmed in their thoughts of me being crazy.  First, I was told that this vehicle was for sale for $11,500.  Immediately after that  it was mentioned that my mom was glad about the price.  I’m assuming my mother would be happy about the price because it would negate the possibility of my dad seriously wanting to purchase it.  I mean, after all, can you picture my mother driving that around town?  Hahahaha.

Secondly, I was told my mother’s statement actually was, “It’s cooler than Matt’s Jeep!”  lol  While I disagree with that statement, just thinking about those words coming from my mother’s mouth starts the laughter all over again.  I wonder what vehicle my family will have when I come to visit in November? 😉



  1. lol… I was cracking up also! I was told it was Tim’s next vehicle 🙂

  2. Haha! This made my day especially reading your mom’s thoughts about Matt’s jeep!

  3. It appears more safe for Tim’s crash tests!

  4. You don’t think it’s cooler than Matt’s jeep? I don’t know…I think it’d be pretty sweet to be driving that around town…I can just imagine the looks I’d get!

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