Posted by: Becka | October 4, 2010

Random Things in My Weekend

Saturday morning, there was a strange occurence on my road.  There were several police motorcycles providing an escort for…128 semi-trucks!  Seriously, I counted them.  It felt like it was never-ending.  They were honking their horns and causing a huge racket.  lol  It was quite unusual.  I researched it today and found that there are truck convoys all over the nation to help raise money and awareness for the Special Olympics.  Interesting.  (I thought I got a decent video of this, but I can’t seem to find it now).

I got a lot done this weekend and had fun too!  I….

Finished painting our woodshed:

That now has anchors:

Started painting our other shed, and then watched Matt climb a tree hoping he didn’t kill himself:



Visited my turtles:

Doesn't he look like he's trying to be a walrus?


Took a bajillion pictures of butterflies and other wildlife:



It was a great weekend.  I would have done more painting on Sunday, only it started to rain Sunday morning during church and practically hasn’t stopped yet.  Maybe next weekend.  🙂



  1. How many and which turtles do you still have? That is a good picture, but not as good as mine! 🙂

  2. 3 Turtles: Lightning, Pandora, and Abbott (though Pandora has been hiding for a few weeks – we hope she’s hiding anyways).

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