Posted by: Becka | October 12, 2010

My Porch Swing and Other Random Happy Things

This weekend, my wonderful husband hung our porch swing!  I love it!  On Sunday afternoon we sat there for a while, enjoying some homemade apple pie.  It was the perfect afternoon.  🙂

View from our porch swing. 🙂

Our updated porch!

This weekend, I also finished painting our normal shed.  It  looks so much better!  It was really hard to paint as the bottom of it is rotting, and there are tons of grooves in it, but it looks great from afar.  😉

Shed before it was painted - the only pic I had on hand.

Matt also started filling up our woodshed!



  1. You got you porch swing finished?

    • Yes, isn’t it beautiful? 🙂

  2. YOU MADE APPLE PIE? I mean, yum! (Sorry, caps for work, you remember 😉 )

  3. Actually, Matt’s Mom made it. 🙂 lol But it was REALLY good.

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