Posted by: Becka | October 26, 2010

Wonderful Nature

Recently, Matt and I have been picking up paint swatches from Lowe’s.  It’s been fun picking out paint colors.  I’m mostly excited because we are actually going to change the hideous colors of our spare rooms.  AND that is so happy.

In picking out paint colors, I started noticing that they were using scenic pictures to plan the color pallettes.  I thought this was clever and very interesting.  While I’ve noticed this before in paint schemes, I never really thought about it before.

Then, we went up to Pennsylvania to deliver some furniture to Amanda and Andy.  The fall colors were stunning (probably not as stunning as they will be in a few weeks, but still stunning).  I started thinking about how amazing God is.  The colors of nature compliment each other so well and create beautiful pictures!  I started thinking of all of the places I had been: Yosemite, the Grand Canyon, etc., and how the colors just look so great together.  Really amazing. 

Now in an attempt to make my house look great, I’m going to copy some of God’s color schemes.  🙂  Should be fun!



  1. Funny, fall colors got me thinking about the Lord, too! We recently found some out here. It was awesome!

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