Posted by: Becka | October 28, 2010

Cleaning Tips: When Company Gives Short Notice

When you find company is coming over and your house is a mess (like mine always is), I have found a few quick ways to clean up.

1.  Throw all the laundry (folded or unfolded) in the basket and hide it in your bedroom.

2.  Hide various items and boxes of things in the spare rooms (how my spare rooms got so bad that I had to spend a whole weekend reorganizing – now I get to those boxes asap).

3.  Throw all the shoes hanging around the house into the chest by the front door.

4.  Baskets hide a multitude of clutter.

5.  Vacuum, sweep, and dust as quickly as possible (the Swiffer duster thing is a wonder) and only the super visible and noticeable areas.

6.  With a disinfectant, wipe all surfaces in the bathroom. Close the shower curtain so you don’t have to clean the bathtub.  Change the towels so everything looks nice and fresh.

7.  Put all the dishes in the dishwasher, and what doesn’t fit, stack nicely by the sink.

8.  Quickly cover your tables with a tablecloth (if you can get to them under all that clutter).

9.  Put up a privacy screen to cover awful corners and shove everything behind it (I really need a privacy screen).  A corner under a table or something similar works just as well.

10.  If you have things you have been meaning to get rid of, hide them in the trunk of your car.  That way they are half way to their destination.

11.  Sit on the couch reading a book when they arrive, so it seems like your house always looks like that (and so that it doesn’t look like you just ran around like a crazy person).

12.  Once the guests leave, clean everything the proper way.  🙂

Now, of course, the ideal is to have your house clean all the time, or to know ahead of time and clean your house the correct way.  Who lives in that kind of ideal world?  Well, not me, for sure.  The entire process listed above takes approximately one hour or less (depending on the awful state of your house).  Tada!  Ready for company!  🙂 

(If you come over to my house, do not peek in the guest bedrooms or any “hidden” corners.  You will be very disappointed in me. – and that means you, Kirsten and Michelle.)



  1. hahaha!!!

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