Posted by: Becka | November 3, 2010

My Job is Awesome

One cannot argue with me.  On top of wholly loving my job (even though I generally dislike my hours), I am blessed with vacation days, sick days, and benefits.  Those perks are not the only wonderful thing about my job.  Working for the county has major perks.  I get every official holiday off work (with pay).  AND every other year (election year), we get a total of 5 paid days off in the month of November.

The first day off  is Election Day.  I guess they want no excuses for county employees not to vote.  We get the entire day off work.  It’s rather awesome.  I don’t know about you, but it does not take me the entire day to vote.  I believe part of the reasoning behind this is some of the buildings might be used as polling places, but I’m not actually sure.  Sometimes it’s better not to ask too many questions.

The second day off is the Thursday after election day.  This is called Return Day.  All county employees get this entire day off of work due to a celebration in our county seat, Georgetown.  Wikipedia gives a nice explanation of what Return Day is:
“Every two years, Georgetown hosts an unusual event known as “Return day”, a half-day-long parade and festival two days after Election Day. Stemming from the colonial days in which the public would congregate in Georgetown two days after the election to hear the results (because it would take that long to deliver the results to the courthouse by horseback), the winners of that year’s political races parade around The Circle in carriages with the losers and the chairs of the county’s political parties ceremonially “bury the hatchet” in a tub of sand. The afternoon of Return Day is a holiday for county and state workers in Sussex County, and the event is marked by a traditional ox feast, much revelry, and, of course, the beginning of the next round of campaigns. Many in Delaware feel that the state’s traditionally chummy and staid political climate is due in large part to the Return Day tradition.”  Regardless of the ceremonies and parades that take place on this day, there are no requirements to attend (though I could handle that too if they decided not to give us this day off).  I love, love, love Return Day.

The third holiday is Veteran’s Day.  I love Veteran’s Day and it is all the more enjoyable when you get off work for it.

The last two days (three if you were scheduled to work Saturday) off are Thanksgiving Day and the day after Thanksgiving. 

I seriously have an awesome job.  🙂



  1. YAY for days off! I love all the perks at APU too (especially ALL the time off at Christmas, yay!) but I DO miss the fact that we didn’t have to pay SS at Glendora. Ugh, I hate that so much of my paycheck goes to that and I will never get any of it back. Sigh.

  2. Oh – yeah lots of time at Christmas would be great. I normally end up using a few of my vacation days. 🙂

  3. I wish schools got more days off… 🙂

  4. Wow, Renae. Umm…schools get the entire summer off, plus a week and a half to two weeks at Christmas. Pretty sure you can’t get more time off than that.

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