Posted by: Becka | November 5, 2010

Productive and Relaxing

I had a great day off yesterday.  Did the shopping (without having to rush), did some housework, and applied a second coat of primer to the room I was painting.  The rain made it perfect to relax while watching a movie yesterday, and I even had time to actually make a real dinner last night.

The only downside to the entire day is that in the process of painting, I stumbled off my stepstool and landed right on the handle of the paint roller.  Metal bar colliding with the ball of my foot equaled extreme pain.  Unfortunately that pain is continuing, so now I’m limping my way through my day today, trying to keep explanations to a minimum.  lol  I don’t know if I actually injured a bone, or just badly bruised it.  Sigh.  At least it won’t keep me from the planned weekend activities (as they currently involve more painting and more housework).  Should be able to handle that.  🙂


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