Posted by: Becka | November 10, 2010

Wrong Car

Have you ever done something and then wondered why in the world you did it?  That happened to my husband yesterday.  He was getting ready to leave for work, hopped in the car, started it, and put it in gear.  That’s when he realized he was in the wrong vehicle.  When you realize that my husband rarely drives my car unless I’m with him, this causes more laughter.  He rarely drives my car when he’s by himself.  Most of the time, he is driving the Jeep.  🙂  I would have loved to see the look on his face as he realized he was in the wrong vehicle.  He proceeded to gather his belongings and get in the correct vehicle.  It would have been even funnier if he hadn’t noticed until he was well on his way to work.  🙂



  1. I thought you were gonna say he was in someone else’s car, like at work or something (not yours) and I was wondering how HIS key worked in THEIR car, lol. Since everyone and their mom has a grey Camry, I’ve had people try to get into my car before, thinking it was theirs…

  2. lol… Matt makes me laugh 🙂

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