Posted by: Becka | November 15, 2010


I confess.  I’m a criminal.  I disobeyed the sign.  Really, I didn’t have much of a choice.  See, here is the whole story.  For weeks (and that might be putting it generously), there have been four boxes of clothes taking up residence in my dining room.  They looked tacky, took up a lot of space, and in general, were annoying.  However, I ignored them for a good lengthy time before finally deciding to take care of them. 

This morning, I packed the four boxes into my trunk and drove to the local thrift store.  I was so happy to finally be getting rid of all those clothes!  Only one problem.  The thrift store was closed.  At the back where the truck docking was there was posted a huge sign.  It said, “Absolutely NO donations during closed hours.”  Umm…only here’s the problem.  I will not have another day available in the near future in which I can drop off my boxes when the thrift store is open!  What to do, what to do?  Someone had already disobeyed the sign, so I followed in their criminal footsteps.  I drove up next to the previously disposed box, as quickly as possible unloaded my four boxes, tried to look innocently at the guy walking  by (“What?  I don’t see any sign!”),  and hurriedly drove away.  I put the other box with my things.  Hopefully they will think they were all left by the same person.  In my defense, it was only one hour until they opened.

Oh no!  I hope there was no security camera.  Oh dear.  Some criminal I make.  I didn’t even think to look.  Next thing you know, my face will be seen in all the post offices.  I didn’t even hide from the camera!  Sigh.  This might be my last night of freedom.



  1. Too funny! Hopefully the video won’t appear on YouTube. 🙂

  2. Oh no! Just one more thing to worry about! 😉

  3. You didn’t want a receipt for your itemized deductions regarding charitable contributions?!!

  4. Haha. =)
    That is my only worry about taking coins from the Trevi fountain…all the CCTV cameras all over Europe. Sigh. I don’t want to get banned from the whole continent. Otherwise I’m pretty sure I could fund my whole vacation, lol. =)
    Dumb security cameras. At least in your case you were trying to do something good.

  5. mct88 – 🙂 Nope. I could really care less about a receipt. I just wanted those things out of the house!

    Jen – Getting banned from the continent of Europe would be a huge bummer. I suggest being extra surreptitious.

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