Posted by: Becka | November 29, 2010

Flight Fiasco

Our flight out to California was, shall we put it nicely, a fiasco.  Who knew that the “suggested” being at the airport one hour early was actually not a suggestion?  We were there 30 minutes early – we had made it by 6:30am.  Now this was a huge feat to begin with.  We live almost 2 hours from the airport.  We left our house at 4:30am.  With parking our car in the economy parking, having to take the shuttle, well, it took us 2 hours.  We go to check in for our 7am flight.  They refused to check us in because there is a 45 minute cutoff.  What?!  How come no one told us this?  I could have gotten up a mere 15 minutes earlier.  When you’re getting up that early, what’s a few more minutes? 

This was the irritating part.  United refused to check us in, but then proceeded to charge us $75 per ticket for “missing” our flight.  On top of that, the original time of our flight was 7:30am, but was changed after we purchased our tickets.  Sigh.  So, they rescheduled us on a 9:50am flight….I didn’t even have to get up that early if I was going to take a 9:50 flight.  I took a nap in the airport.  I had already resigned myself to the fact that I was going to miss the concert I was planning to attend.  Bummer.  Oh and as a side note, it only took us 10 minutes to get through security (including getting “re-dressed”).

Then our new flight was delayed.  We missed our connecting flight in Chicago (we were going through Denver originally), waited for a couple hours on stand by for a 3:25 flight, but had confirmed seats on the 5:30 flight.  We barely made it on the stand-by flight.  But we did and I was so glad!

I never had to go through a body scanner.  Which I was happy about.  I think sticking to smaller airports is the answer.  Though I was slightly disturbed while waiting for one of my flights and the lady across from me pulled out a lighter, and proceeded to burn off the string on a ring she just bought.  Wait, how did she get a lighter in here?  Like their security is even doing anything.  lol 

Regardless, I’m still hoping that gives us that deal they told us we were getting.  Just a little advertisement for Orbitz.  If someone books your same itinerary or hotel for cheaper than you got it for, Orbitz sends you a refund check for the difference.  I thought this was awesome.  I hope that missing our flight still entitles us to said refund check.



  1. Well, glad you made it nonetheless. We were definitely bummed to not have you join us for the concert. You’ll have to come back next Thanksgiving!

  2. For reals, I was seriously looking forward to that concert. Sigh. Yeah, maybe next year….

  3. We didn’t have to go through any body scanners either! And we flew LAX to JFK which are both big airports, so who knows. I’m just glad regardless! =)

  4. @Jen – Nice! When we were walking out of LAX when we arrived, I saw just normal metal detectors. Hmmm.. Strange. No complaints though!

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