Posted by: Becka | December 9, 2010

You Know It’s Slightly Cold Out When…

1.  You walk in your house and it feels nice and warm.  Then you realize the thermostat says “54 degrees.”

2.  You need to wear your gloves at work so your hands don’t freeze.

3.  You have many, many misspellings because your hands can’t feel the keyboard.

4.  Your toes are frozen and you know you put two pairs of socks on this morning.

5.  You find yourself wrapped in a blanket that looks very similar to a Snuggie.  I’ll have you know that it is not a Snuggie.

6.  You dress in layers, and layers, and layers…

7.  You have 5 blankets and a heated mattress pad on your bed and are still freezing for part of the night.

8.  You hate hot drinks, but you drink hot tea, coffee, or hot chocolate just to get warm.

9.  You sit as close as you can to the wood stove every evening.  All evening.

10.  When you can’t be by the wood stove, you point a space heater right at you.

11. You despise going into your bathroom because it rarely reaches 55 degrees (this would be after you adjusted and 55 degrees is feeling cold again).

12.  You wear slippers because the floor is so cold that it takes an hour for your feet to warm up should you run across the house without your slippers.

13. When you get up in the middle of the night, life becomes a super speedy fast race.  I think the record is currently 1.5 minutes all the way downstairs and back.

14.  You are thankful when the alarm goes off at 3am because you know that means your wonderful husband is putting more wood on the fire, thus making the morning a little less cold…

15.  You wear your hoodie sweatshirts around the house…with the hood on and tied tight.

16.  You have a special “work blanket” that stays at work for the express purpose of keeping you warm throughout the day.



  1. Or maybe I’m just a wimp….

  2. Matt gets up at 3???
    So I guess I’m not allowed to complain that it was 48 outside on the way to work this morning? I don’t miss being cold all the time (Wisconsin)…bring on the sun!!!!!! =)

  3. … hahahaha… today I have socks and tights on under my jeans… right now it’s 28 degrees but feels like 17!
    Think you should add another one “Cell phone won’t respond because your hands are too cold to activate/trigger the touch screen”

  4. @Jen – He doesn’t get permanently up at 3. Just long enough to get the fire going – put more wood on and such.

    @Amanda – Brrrr…Yeah I have my long johns on. 🙂 The cell phone one is good!

  5. 17. Your coworker has their own personal space heater under their desk…

  6. lol…I think I like California for being warm…I laughed at the slippers one since Grandma use to always tell us to put socks on 🙂 The hoodie is pretty funny also… Okay they are all funny I am just glad I don’t have to experience them! Love you and hope you aren’t too frozen

  7. 18. The candy in your candy dish IN your house crumbles in your mouth instead of melts….

  8. i got up and this morrning and moved a half full can of frozen soda

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