Posted by: Becka | December 20, 2010


There has been a series of car break-ins in my…neighborhood (if you even call it a neighborhood).  I guess these guys are going around to houses out on the country roads and going in people’s cars and taking money.  They aren’t super ambitious though, and it seems that if your car is locked they don’t bother jimmying it, they are looking for the unlocked cars.  Most people who live out in the country aren’t very diligent about locking their cars because after all, why would anyone be dumb enough to walk up your long driveway to break into your car when you can see them running for about a mile?  Evidently, some people are dumb enough. 

I had heard about a few break-ins and was talking to a library patron the other day whose wallet was taken from their car way out on a back road.  I felt bad for her, but thought that she should lock her car doors no matter what.  Then I get home and my husband informs me that our cars were broken into the same night!  What?!  Of course, he hadn’t locked his door and they didn’t take anything (we never leave anything valuable in our cars anyways), but still….  We think something spooked them because my car didn’t look touched, but the ash tray, console, and door of Matt’s Jeep were wide open. 

Someone out there is really desperate for cash.  They could make more money working at McDonald’s for 4 hours a day.  Instead, they are walking out on the country roads for most of the night when it is 19 degrees outside, scrounging in people’s cars for a few dollars.  Wow. 

I was slightly annoyed that my husband had not informed me of these break-ins (he had been warned).  I’m somewhat religious about locking my car at my house (I always lock it anywhere else), but I had gotten a little lax (like if my hands were really full, I wouldn’t bother with it).  Sigh.  I made it easy pickings.  Not that they got any pickings, but it’s the principal of it, ya know?  And after I thought that other lady should have locked her car.  Maybe I should have made that thought “not left her wallet in it.”  🙂



  1. According to rumor, one of the car thieves has been caught. My coworker and I compared notes this morning and between the two of us, we know of 11 different family’s cars that were stolen from.

  2. So it’s not just Southern Cal that has problems. Your neighborhood sounds worse than ours:) Of course, we wouldn’t think of leaving our car unlocked!

  3. Technically, it’s not my neighborhood. It’s the entire town. 🙂

  4. Well, have no clue if the rumor about the 15yr old boy is true, but here is the news article on the arrests of the people behind the thefts:

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