Posted by: Becka | January 19, 2011

Beautiful Like a Brand New Home

I acquired a new mantra ever since that commercial played on tv (only those on Delmarva will even be able to relate) about the cute little boy talking about clean carpet and how it’s “Beautiful! Beautiful like a brand new home!”  I just say it for everything.  🙂

But this really is beautiful like a brand new home!  We just started repainting our house…yeah, only took us two plus years to start.  🙂  But now that we’ve started, I’m not going to want to stop until it’s all looking beautiful.  🙂

Here is what our study looked like before:



Here is what it looks like now!



I must say, it was a lot of work.  Lots of spackling, sanding, and it needed two coats of primer and two coats of the actual color.  But I’m so happy with it!  I was blessed to find the fabric for the valance at Wal-Mart.  It was 5 yards for $5 and it matched perfectly!  I can’t wait to start on the next room!


Another great auction deal....soon to be filled with more coats. 🙂




  1. Your room looks wonderful! You did a great job!

  2. Good job! =) Although I have to say that last picture confuses me…is the shelf hung crooked is the photo crooked? Cuz even when I look sideways it still doesn’t look straight with the ceiling…Perhaps it’s my eyes though, they’ve been tired since yesterday, lol. But yay I finally got on here, even if it took me all day!

  3. haha and yeah there would be an “or” between crooked and is. Sigh, long day!

  4. The picture is crooked AND not taken straight on. The shelf on the wall is straight. I just can’t get a picture of it that LOOKS straight because I can’t get back far enough. Matt leveled it with his level AND measured the distance from the ceiling on both sides. So it’s as straight as can be. 🙂 I did notice that about the picture, but it was too late to try to get a better one.

  5. Wow, you are good at creating optical illusions then! =)

  6. Yea!! It looks great

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