Posted by: Becka | February 4, 2011

How Low Can You Go?

This morning, I stopped at the gas station to get gas.  This is a rare occurence for me.  I have a wonderful husband who keeps my gas tank nice and full.  Well, normally he does.  He’s been sick this entire week and I must have driven more than normal.  So, today after finishing the hated grocery shopping, I stopped for gas.  While I was pumping the gas, a man came up to me (kinda scared me at first), and told me that my tire really needed air.  I thanked him and told him I would inform my husband (he was slightly…creepy…and I didn’t want him to get any ideas).  He then nicely informed me that Expert Tire puts air in for….FREE!  While that’s nice to know, I went on with my morning errands. 

One such errand involved stopping at the school.  After some chit-chat with Pastor, I proceeded to the kitchen to drop of some lunch items for Matt.  As I was coming back out, Pastor came back into the school building (he had been leaving before) and informed me that my front tire was really low.  This being the second person in less than 10 minutes to tell me this, I went and took a really good look at my tire.  🙂  Sure enough, it was really low. 

I went upstairs, conversed with my husband, and then proceeded to move all of the groceries from my car to the Jeep.  Then drove home to unload.  Matt has the car and now I have no fear of being stranded with a flat tire!  I have such a great husband.  🙂


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