Posted by: Becka | February 10, 2011

Back to the Land of the Living

For a while it was touch and go there.  Last Friday, I came down with the flu/cold that is going around.  Complete with fever.  I had a fever on Friday, Saturday night, and Sunday night.  I did nothing all day Saturday and all day Sunday.  I slept and slept some more.  It was quite amazing.  I didn’t realize it was possible for someone to sleep 20 hours a day.  lol  By Monday, I was pretty miserable.  By Tuesday at my doctor appointment, I was told I had bronchitis.  I was pretty suspicious that it was more than a cold.  When you sleep in until noon, take a bath and immediately after your bath you are ready for another nap…yeah, something’s wrong.  I was actually rather happy to hear it was bronchitis, because that means an antibiotic!  And antibiotics mean getting better faster (especially with Winter Retreat coming up this weekend, I was a little worried about being sick).  Now, in my third day of meds, I’m feeling rather chipper.  It’s rather amazing. 

I missed three days of work this week, and being that the winter retreat is tomorrow and Saturday, I somehow managed to have a one-day work week.  Pretty awesome (though I would have preferred not to be sick). 

Looking forward to this weekend!



  1. I really like antibiotics. Kill all the life and you feel better! Hey, works for me.

  2. Antibiotics are my friend….

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