Posted by: Becka | February 15, 2011

A Rose to Last Forever

My husband does a really good job on birthdays, anniversaries, and Valentine’s Day.  He always makes sure to buy me at least a card and something small.  This year he almost outdid himself.  🙂  I got three gifts and a beautiful card that made me cry.  Poor guy.  I bet he’s afraid to give me anything too touching.  lol 

While we were out to dinner, Matt pulled a rose out of his coat pocket.  Only it was made out of duct tape!  Awww…he made it after school while he was watching the kids.  He even added “thorns” that he made out of thumb tacks.  lol  He gave me a rose that will last forever.

Nice thumb tack thorns. 🙂




  1. Hey I have a rose to last forever too! =) Tonia painted a real rose bud with nail polish and gave it to me in HS. All these creative people…

  2. Oh, wow, that’s gonna be hard to beat! Thank Matt for raising the bar way high!

  3. Jen – She gave me one too, but it didn’t last quite forever. It crumbled when I moved to WI. But it DID last a lot of years!

    Jay – I’ll thank him for you! 🙂 lol

  4. Wow! I’m impressed with the creativity of my son-in-law! I think we’ll keep him around. Matt, you can make one for your mother-in-law anytime!

    • lol I’ll let him know! 🙂

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