Posted by: Becka | February 17, 2011

Made My Day

Around Christmas time, while grocery shopping, I came across packages of “Candycane Cocoa.”  I bought one for each of my family members for their stockings and one for each of my coworkers.  I did also buy one for myself.  🙂 

By the time I finally had mine, Christmas was long since passed and I thought I would have to wait an entire year before I saw my beloved hot chocolate again.  It was so yummy!


Since I was super speedy this morning with my grocery shopping, I stopped by the aisle in Wal-Mart that contains the hot chocolate mixes.  I was looking for a replacement for my Candycane Cocoa.  I found a rather expensive Mint Chocolate Cocoa that was going to have to do.  As I was about to put it in my cart, I spotted it!  At the very top of the shelf was Candycane Cocoa mix!  I immediately cleaned the shelf out as I swept them into my cart (of course, there were only 2 on the shelf, but still.  lol).  One for home and one for work!

Now, as I sip my Candycane Cocoa, a blissful relaxing feeling sweeps over me successfully taking away my irritation at having to wait in line at Wal-Mart for 30 MINUTES!  Okay, maybe not completely taking away that frustration.  lol  But definitely made it better.  So far, the highlight of my day.  🙂



  1. Did you take these pics?

    • Nope, didn’t feel like photographing my hot chocolate…besides I didn’t have appropriate props… Wish I could take credit. 🙂

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