Posted by: Becka | February 18, 2011

A T-Shirt Day Makes a Very Happy Girl

Today I am wearing short sleeves.  Now to all my Californian readers, this might not seem like a big deal.  But I don’t think I’ve worn short sleeves since November when I was in California for Thanksgiving and I hadn’t worn short sleeves for about a month before that because it was just too cold.

So, today I’m rejoicing, sporting my t-shirt and wanting to run around outside like a crazy woman.  It’s so beautiful out.  65 degrees beautiful to be exact.  This weather makes it feels as if Spring is already here!  Then you watch the weather forecast and realize that it’s gonna be cold again in 2 days.  I hate it when the weather teases me.  🙂

On top of the short sleeves, I’m feeling stylish today.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not actually stylish.  I just feel stylish.  Wearing my new soda tab bracelet and a funky key necklace with a leather chain.  It’s just a feel good day.  I think to celebrate I’ll take Monday off.  Oh wait, I already have Monday off.

I’m also excited for my mini-vacay starting tomorrow.  Matt and I are going up to Pennsylvania to visit friends of ours (and stop and visit his sister and her husband).  The only downside to that trip is that it’s colder up there!  Sigh…no short sleeves.  In spite of the coldness, I’m looking forward to it.  Yay for President’s day and Spring time.



  1. That actually IS impressive, because even though our weather started out decent down here, the closer we got to Tonia’s, the colder and windier it got and I definitely wasn’t wearing a T-shirt…so your weather was probably nicer than ours was! =)

    • It was really nice for a few days, but it slowed a couple inches last night! Too bad it didn’t allow me to have a snow day! 🙂

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