Posted by: Becka | March 3, 2011

Nice Haircut

A litte girl who I’ve had numerous interactions with came to visit the library with her dad today.  She had just gotten a new haircut.  It was adorable.  I say to her:
“I love your new haircut.  It’s so cute.”
Little Girl: (in whining tone) “uuuuuuhhhhhh.”
Me:  “What’s wrong?”
LG:  “I have to go potty.”
Me:  “Oh.  Your Daddy will take you.”
Dad:  “What?  This isn’t a full service library?”
Me:  “No way.”

Put a smile on my face and made me laugh.



  1. AH hahahaha. WOW!

  2. How cute, haha! In response to your facebook message, yes we still pretty much have just family on our friend’s list, there are a few who we squeezed in, lol, but not very many! I’m glad for my old friends who have blogs though, so I can still keep up with you a little bit. I should probably update mine once in awhile! Hope you are doing well, I love reading about your rural life, I am kind of jealous, I love rural life! Well, have a great day!

    • 🙂 Yeah, update your blog! 🙂 I’m enjoying the rural life…it’s so nice and beautiful.

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