Posted by: Becka | March 25, 2011

Problem Solving

I enjoy solving problems.  Well, problems that can be solved.  Not like math problems (though with a little practice, I don’t mind those either).  While at work this evening, I came across an unusual problem.  We were having a wreath class in our meeting room, and the teacher came out and told me that none of the outlets in the back room were working.  This is very odd.  I use those outlets on a weekly basis and have never had a problem with any of them.  Sure enough, none of the glue guns were hot, and the CD player would not turn on, not matter what outlet I tried.

My first thought was that a breaker tripped.  So, I checked the breaker box.  No tripped breakers.  Okay, that’s odd.  Then while I’m trying to figure out this problem, half of the public computers just shut down, indicating that those outlets aren’t working either!  Problem grows.  Hmm…back to the breaker box.  Nope, no change. 

Then it hit me.  All the non-working outlets are in the portion of the library that is the addition.  There must be another breaker box!  That is the only explanation.  After a short search, the box was located, the breakers turned back on, and suddenly there was power in all the aforementioned outlets. 

We re-booted the computers, and once again, peace and order was restored in the library, well a resemblance of it anyway.  I love being the hero.  🙂



  1. Good thing you fixed it! Nothing like library patrons who CAN’T use “their” computers lol…although computers being shut down DOES result in a nice, quiet library so…(I actually used to love it when the computers weren’t working…it got so quiet with all those people gone!) =)

    • Yeah, for reals. We’ve had a few days when the computers didn’t work all day, and the difference in noise and traffic was amazing!

  2. lol…good thing your dad taught you how to locate and turn breakers back on! 🙂

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